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The PATS peer support program: Prevention/early intervention for adolescents who have a parent with a mental illness

by John Hargreaves, Lyndal Bond, Matt O'Brien, Danielle Forer and Liz Davies

Youth Studies Australia, v.27, n.1, pp.43-51.


PATS (Paying Attention to Self) is a peer support program for adolescent children of parents with a diagnosed mental illness. The program aims to promote positive mental health, reduce the likelihood of mental health difficulties, increase young people’s coping skills and empower them to meet their own and their families’ needs. PATS combines peer support, group work, high levels of youth participation, a wide range of ongoing activities, and opportunities to develop useful life skills with lots of fun along the way. Central to the success of PATS is the belief that programs shaped by young people, for young people, will be attractive to young people.

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