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Background to AYIN

About the Australian Youth Information Network

This is an email discussion list for the youth field in Australia. Maintained jointly by Anne Hugo (through the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, University of Tasmania) and Roger Holdsworth (through the Australian Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne).

The Australian Youth Information Network discussion list hopes to draw together many different strands of the youth field's practice, and aims to be a broad-based list in terms of topics and members.

Summary of all instructions
  • To post or send a message to everyone subscribed to the AYIN list, address your email message to [email protected]
  • To contact the list administrator send an email message to: [email protected]
  • To un-subscribe from AYIN, simply send a blank email to: [email protected]
  • To get help eg. with un-subscribing, send an email TO: [email protected] and in it include all details eg. your email address(es) at the time of your initiatial subscribing.
  • How to temporarily suspend mail from this list eg. if you are going to be away for a while, send a message to: ayin-vacation [at] Any message sent to that address will move you to/from the vacation list and you will not receive any messages posted to the list. NB: A second blank message to the vacation address will toggle you back onto the distribution list.
  • How to subscribe to a 'digest' version of the list if the 'traffic' on the list gets too much, send a blank email message to: ayin-switch [at] Messages sent to that address will move you to/from the digest version of the AYIN discussion list. (You may first wish to try out the 'fancy digest' format to see what it's like: send a blank email message to: [email protected] and you'll receive an example).
  • If your email address changes after you sign up, and if wish to stay subscribed, please tell the list manager of your new email address. (In the case of this list, simply contact [email protected], giving all details of your email addresses including old ones which should be unsubscribed.)
  • Other problems? Send all details to: [email protected] It will help if you would give details such as: name or description of the list causing you problems; all possible email addresses that you might have used initially when you joined or subscribed to the list; any other clues that seem appropriate (cut and paste them into the email to ensure accuracy); the email message you received which puzzles you (forward or redirect or copy that message and send it to: [email protected]).
  • For detailed instructions, see the list FAQ