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BULLYING: New cyberbullying resource for Australian schools

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has launched Let's fight it together, a new teaching resource to combat cyberbullying.

Let's fight it together is designed to equip young people with strategies to avoid, get out of, or help others deal with, cyberbullying behaviour and to show adults how they can help.

The resource is based around a short video story that presents a cyberbullying scenario derived from real experiences of teenagers who have been cyberbullied. The DVD also includes interviews with the characters in the story - teachers, parents and young people - about their perspectives on the cyberbullying scenario presented. The accompanying booklet is a comprehensive guide for teachers that includes lesson plans and activities to help get the most out of the DVD.

Schools can order a free copy of Let's fight it together by contacting the Cybersafety Contact Centre (details below).

Source: Australian Communications Media Authority 2009, Let's fight it together, media release, ACMA, 25 September, viewed 2 October 2009,



Contact: The Cybersafety Contact Centre

Phone: 1800 880 176