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ECONOMIC ISSUES | BSL workshops - MoneyMinded: financial skills for the future

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is offering a new three-day training session on the use of  their new financial skills toolkit, MoneyMinded. The toolkit aims to provide young people and adults with an improved understanding of all things financial.

The MoneyMinded financial skills toolkit covers a broad range of topics from basic budgeting, goal-setting and saving to more complex issues such as credit and dealing with debt.

The training session is aimed at community workers interested in using MoneyMinded with their clients and groups.

There's a professional development day for community workers and organisations who want to increase their financial knowledge and their capacity to support clients.

Drawn from the MoneyMinded resource, sessions for the professional development day include Money Matters, Buyer Beware, Strengthening Support and Sourcing Solutions.

Contact: Brotherhood of St Laurence

Phone: (03) 9445 2423