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EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT | How young people are faring: 2009 report

Life Matters, Thursday 8 October with Richard Aedy, 9am ABC Radio National
will be featuring the latest "How young people are faring" reports, to be released by the Foundation for Young Australians on Thursday, 8 October  2009. The report is the 11th in the 'How young people are faring' series and focuses on the global economic downturn and the subsequent impact on young people's aspirations, employment opportunities and education pathways.

The 'How Young People are Faring' (HYPAF) research reports were previously produced by the Dusseldorp Skills Forum. They are annual, and focus on the education, employment and overall wellbeing of young Australians.

The Life Matters program will discuss the report's findings, that there's been a sharp rise in the rate of 'youth disengagement' from work and study, and will examine what this means for young people's longer-term options for employment and education.

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