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EDUCATION | Schools are generally reluctant to offer transport-related studies

A research project recently completed by the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) indicates that schools are generally reluctant to offer transport-related studies as part of vocational and technical education programs.

The findings released in the report, VET in schools: Do school-based VET pathways work in transport and logistics? showed that while over 90% of all schools provide vocational education and training (VET) programs, less than 1% of VET students undertook transport and logistics-related subjects.

The report highlighted some of the main barriers to a serious uptake of VET transport studies in schools. These include poor perceptions of both the transport and logistics industry and VET programs, and a lack of awareness of available industry career paths. The report recommends close school-industry relationships as the cornerstone of successful VET programs.

The TLISC will shortly release a new VET in schools resource designed to assist schools in adopting transport traineeships as part of their suite of VET studies.

To download the report, and for further information, visit the TLISC website:

Source: Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council 2009, Transport skills: A long way to go in the race for youth skills, media release, 23 September, viewed 2 October 2009.