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CRIME AND JUSTICE | Bail me out: NSW young offenders and bail
This study's findings identify "significant areas of concern that warrant further research on which policy and practice in the juvenile justice system, could be based". ('Bail me out',
More details (updated 2009-10-12)

MENTAL HEALTH: Auseinet to close at the end of October
The Australian Network for Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention for Mental Health (Auseinet) is a national organisation located at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. Alas, it is about to close, unless funding is found very very soon.
More details (updated 2009-10-09)

YOUTH WORK: New Australian youth work book just released by ACYS
ACYS has just released 'Concepts and methods of youth work', the first of a three volume series called Doing youth work in Australia, edited by Rob White.
More details (updated 2009-10-08)

EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT | How young people are faring: 2009 report
The latest report, to be released on Thursday 8 October 2009, is the 11th in the series and focuses on the global economic downturn and the subsequent impact on young people's aspirations, employment opportunities and education pathways.
More details (updated 2009-10-07)

FUNDING | Minister Ellis announces new funding program to support youth development and participation
Applications opened today for the Youth Development and Support Program, which will fund community-based projects to help young people in their transition to independence and adulthood. Applications close on 4 November 2009.
More details (updated 2009-10-07)

PEAKS: YACVic conference program's been finalised
Here, Now and Next takes place on 14-15 October 2009, at the Mercure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre. See details of the finalised program.
More details (updated 2009-10-07)

EDUCATION | The ABS's CensusAtSchool project goes annual
The ABS project, CensusAtSchool, part of an international project to improve statistical literacy, gets Year 5 to Year 12 students involved in collecting real data about themselves through an online questionnaire.
More details (updated 2009-10-07)

EDUCATION | Schools are generally reluctant to offer transport-related studies
The report, 'VET in schools: Do school-based VET pathways work in transport and logistics?" shows students are not taking up studies in transport and logistics.
More details (updated 2009-10-07)

BULLYING: New cyberbullying resource for Australian schools
'Let's fight it together' was launched last week as a teaching resource to help schools combat cyberbullying.
More details (updated 2009-10-05)

ECONOMIC ISSUES | BSL workshops - MoneyMinded: financial skills for the future
The Brotherhood of St Laurence is offering training sessions for community workers interested in using MoneyMinded with their clients and groups, as well as a professional development day for community workers and organisations who want to increase their financial knowledge and their capacity to support clients.
More details (updated 2009-10-05)

YOUTH SERVICES | Reach Foundation program update
Reach Foundation is currently looking for participants to take part in two new youth programs.
More details (updated 2009-10-05)

MENTAL HEALTH | World-leading youth mental health facility opens in Sydney
A dedicated youth mental health facility was officially opened at the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Research Institute on 28 September 2009.
More details (updated 2009-09-30)

YOUTH SERVICES | Inquiry identifies service gaps in the middle years
Inquiry into children and young people aged 9 to 14 years identifies "gaps in services across a range of areas including education, health and welfare" ...
More details (updated 2009-09-30)

POLICY | Australian Youth Forum, Steering committee: Call for youth representatives
DEEWR is calling on young Australians to apply for the Australian Youth Forum (AYF) Youth Engagement Steering Committee. It is "... a fantastic opportunity to influence the way the Australian Government engages with young people" (Alice Belby, AYF Steering Committee Convenor and UNYA National President.) The deadline for applications has been extended.
More details (updated 2009-09-30)

MENTAL HEALTH | Inspire Foundation's $700,000 to reach more young people at risk of mental health issues
Federal Government Jobs Fund Temporary Financial Assistance grants
More details (updated 2009-09-30)

POLICY | MCEECDYA's Comminique of 28 September 2009
The Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA) met in Brisbane on 28 September 2009 and have issued a communique.
More details (updated 2009-09-30)

A pro bono clearinghouse for meritorious and means-tested cases
More details (updated 2009-08-29)

POLICY | National youth strategy
The Prime Minister has announced that the government is developing a National Youth Strategy that would be holistic and cover the whole range of issues facing young people.
More details (updated 2009-09-11)

YOUTH WORK | Professionalisation in the UK
Youth workers in the UK will be able to work towards a youth professional status from early next year, following a three-month consultation on the issue.
More details (updated 2009-09-02)

ACYS website redesign
ACYS will be redesigning this website over coming months, and that includes ...
More details (updated 2009-07-30)

EMPLOYMENT | Young people with poor labour force attachment
'Young people with poor labour force attachment: A survey of concepts, data and previous research' is a new report commissioned by the Australian Fair Pay Commission. It draws on labour force data and previous research findings to chart recent trends, e.g. youth not in education or employment.
More details (updated 2009-07-30)

MEDIA | ACMA: media use by children and teens
ACMA's research report, 'Use of electronic media and communications: Early childhood to teenage years', uses LSAC data to find out about the use of electronic media from early childhood through to teenage years, and parents’ views about that media use.
More details (updated 2009-07-30)

RIGHTS | Youth in the media
What's the media's duty of care towards young people? And a parent's duty of care? RMIT 's Prof. Judith Bessant, an expert on youth issues, is available for interview about a recent controversial radio show involving a mother, her daughter and a lie detector.
More details (updated 2009-07-30)

HEALTH | forum today on obesity prevention
A forum in Melbourne yesterday discussed the Victorian Government's Department of Human Services-funded community-based childhood obesity prevention initiatives that impact on broad practice.
More details (updated 2009-07-22)

ARTS MUSIC | ACMF Philanthropic Choir
The Philanthropic Choir tackles disadvantage in NSW
More details (updated 2009-07-22)

ARTS MUSIC | Who stopped the music (in schools)?
People interested in young people and music might be interested in the ABC Radio National, Background Briefing program on the state of music education in Australian schools. (Transcript online)
More details (updated 2009-07-22)

HOMELESSNESS | 'Counting the homeless 2006' AIHW report 9 July 2009
Rates of homelessness vary widely across Australia, not only between states and territories, but within them, according to national research commissioned by all jurisdictions and published on 9 July 2009 by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).
More details (updated 2009-07-22)

DEVELOPMENT | The teenage brain
"Using entertaining segments and accessible language, a new TV series coming up on ABC TV, 'Whatever! The science of teens', taps into the most up-to-date scientific investigations of the teen brain, and the latest research into family and society, to reveal that much 'aberrant' teenage behaviour is really quite normal."
More details (updated 2009-07-22)

EMPLOYMENT | Transitions reform
Media release: The Australian Government will reform its $618 million investment in transition programs to ensure that young Australians at risk of falling through the cracks get the support they need to get into training and work.
More details (updated 2009-05-08)

EDUCATION: 2008 Graduate Pathways Survey
Newly released: The '2008 Graduate Pathways Survey: Graduates' education and employment outcomes five years after completion of a bachelor degree at an Australian university', a report to DEEWR published by the Australian Council for Educational Research.
More details (updated 2009-05-05)

EMPLOYMENT | OECD Jobs for youth: Australia
The OECD's final report, 'Jobs for Youth: Australia', was released today.
More details (updated 2009-04-21)

NEWS | YFX July edition now available
Youth Field Xpress, our newsletter is available online or via email. The April edition has just been released.
More details (updated 2009-04-21)

SURVEYS | Mission Australia's 8th national survey
Mission Australia's eighth annual National Survey of Young Australians has been announced (20 April 2009).
More details (updated 2009-04-20)

YOUTH AFFAIRS | Queensland news
Queensland's first Indigenous Youth Parliament opens, and there's a call for participants to the Queensland Young Indigenous Leaders Forum in May 2009.
More details (updated 2009-04-15)

YOUTH AFFAIRS | Australian Youth Forum news
The Minister for Youth responds to the Australian Youth Forum's ideas board topics of bullying and on body image
More details (updated 2009-04-15)

DRUGS | Alcopops legislation to be re-introduced
Alcopops legislation will be re-introduced in the May Budget Sitting of Parliament (Department of Health and Ageing, "Government to re-introduce Alcopops Measure", media release, 15 April 2009).
More details (updated 2009-04-15)

EDUCATION | Stakeholder input on MCEETYA's Melbourne Declaration
MCEETYA's Melbourne Declaration sets Australia's goals for schooling for the next 10 years. Input from stakeholders on a draft action plan is now available.
More details (updated 2009-04-15)

ARTS | Move arts and culture to Australia's Innovation System
'The arts and Australia's national innovation system 1994-2008' lists the arguments, recommendations and challenges that the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences believes policymakers should consider to bring the arts into Australia's innovation system.
More details (updated 2009-04-15)