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Youth Studies Australia, issued quarterly by the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, is a peer-reviewed journal providing interdisciplinary, research-based information and analysis on the issues affecting Australians from early adolescence to young adulthood.

Aimed at practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and workers in the youth field, Youth Studies Australia is also accessible and relevant to senior secondary students.

Each issue contains at least five feature articles on subjects such as education, training, health, housing, juvenile justice, employment, culture and subcultures.

Other regular content includes:

  • Youth Monitor, an extensive roundup, in pr?cis form, of Australian press reports on youth issues
  • Youth Initiatives, a column of news about programs and initiatives nationally;
  • Book reviews;
  • Abstracts of recent research papers from other youth-related scholarly journals in Australia and overseas, selected for their relevance and interest to Australian readers.

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