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ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

30 Jul 2006 Centre for Adolescent Health 'Strictly Confidential' forum, Melbourne
The topic is a 'must' for anyone working with young people. The forum content will have 3 x 30 min keynote speakers. Prof Loane Skene will speak about the law & confidentgiality (medico legal) & adolescence, Prof Susan Sawyer will discuss privacy, confidentiality & YP esp from health perspective and Gabrielle Castree will talk about privacy in the education setting. There will then be a case study proesented by Dr Hennie Williams about a YP with an issue that covers the education & health areas with a panel discussion about the case with Prof Sawyer, Dr Williams and Gabrielle Castree. Venue: Ella Latham Theatre 9-3012.30 (also available via teleconferencing)
Contact: Merran Guest
ph: (03) 9345 6671

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