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Youth Studies Australia
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Youth Field Xpress
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Researching youth
Described by UK researcher Sue Health as "one of the few current textbooks which focus exclusively on the specific methodological challenges of conducting youth research" ('Researching young people's lives', 2009, p.2), this collection of essays explores methodological issues in the field of youth studies. It interrogates how we research youth, and links these discussions to contemporary theoretical debates in the social sciences.

Ethnic minority youth in Australia
Although it was published some time ago now, this collection about the different social contexts within which ethnic minority young people live has much to tell contemporary Australia about our basic institutions, processes and structures and about the way we deal with questions of social justice, equity and human rights.

Youth, crime and the media
Leading Australian researchers and commentators explore how youth are represented in the media. This collection shows how youth are too often represented as a threat to law and order, morality or community standards, but it also shows the media can be used as an expression of youth culture.

Against the odds: Young people and work
This 1998 text remains essential reading for anyone concerned with the issues surrounding young people and work.

Australian youth subcultures: On the margins and in the mainstream
This book explores the activities, attitudes, behaviours, images and experiences of young Australian people from widely diverse social backgrounds and personal circumstances.

Youth subcultures: Theory, history and the Australian experience
This is the classic text on Australian youth subcultures and an essential guide to the lifestyle and cultural concerns of young people in Australia.

Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia
At a time when Australian popular music is enjoying increasing international critical and commercial success, this wide-ranging new collection offers a critical revision of popular music's place in Australian society. Its contributors are passionate about their subjects, thoughtful and theoretically interesting, and immensely knowledgeable, not only about the histories and personalities of the various kinds of music they write about, but also about the music itself.

Outrageous! Moral panics in Australia
In this detailed examination of case studies, a distinguished group of experts demystifies the social processes of moral panic in Australia. Set as a text for university students, this book is a fascinating read for all those who want to go behind the hysteria, the headlines and the sound bites.

Concepts and methods of youth work
Through the 'Doing youth work series', "the collective challenges and achievements of young people, youth researchers and youth practitioners" are presented in an accessible compilation of our combined work to share with each other and, perhaps even more importantly, with those who will work with young people in the future" (Robyn Broadbent, Coordinator, Youth Work, Victoria University)