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Australian youth subcultures: On the margins and in the mainstream

Edited by Rob White
Hobart: Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies
ISBN: 1875236465 (pbk)
Cost: $41.80 including GST.
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Australian Youth Subcultures: On the margins and in the mainstream provides a new dimension on various aspects of contemporary youth cultures and subcultures.

The cultural universe of youth is dynamic, complex and exciting. This book explores the activities, attitudes, behaviours, images and experiences of young Australian people from widely diverse social backgrounds and personal circumstances.

The focus of the book is on everyday activities and life stories of young people as they negotiate their identities, their leisure time, their sexuality and their multiple places in society. From the streets to musical beats, grrrl power to detention centres, Australian Youth Subcultures provides a fascinating insight into the margins and mainstreams of youth culture today.