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Each quarter, our peer reviewed journal publishes up to six research- and practice-based articles on Australian youth. Find out more.

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Researching youth

Researching youth

Edited by Julie McLeod and Karen Malone
Hobart: Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies
ISBN: 1875236481 (pbk.)
Cost: $35.20 including GST.
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Researching Youth is "one of the few current textbooks which focus exclusively on the specific methodological challenges of conducting youth research" providing "fascinating insider accounts of issues of method arising from specific examples of youth research." (Sue Heath, Researching young people's lives, SAGE Publications, 2009, p.2.)

Researching Youth "demonstrates amply the breadth and the theoretical depth of Australian research on the much maligned, romanced, researched and imagined group, youth." (Debbie Epstein, University of London.)

This collection of essays explores methodological issues in the field of youth studies, interrogates how we research youth, and links these discussions to contemporary theoretical debates in the social sciences. The voices of young people themselves are used generously by the contributors, enhancing the vitality and relevance of the discussion.