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Each quarter, our peer reviewed journal publishes up to six research- and practice-based articles on Australian youth. Find out more.

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How to contribute your news to the newsletter:

Youth Field Xpress welcomes contributions for consideration in the newsletter. Send brief news items for consideration by the editor, via email: [email protected]

ACYS will carry brief details of your news in this newsletter free of charge, provided that your news item subject to the following conditions, and provided that the subject matter meets the criteria used by ACYS for evaluating content.


  • Deadlines: Contributions must reach us by the 10th of each month.
  • Sources: Give details for readers to go for further information (publication details, web site, or at the very least a phone and fax number). If your contribution originates from an organisation other than your own, then please give full details of your original source, so that ACYS can verify details.
  • Contributions need to be very concise. Sufficient detail must be given in order to help ACYS decide on whether or not to use your content and if used, to reflect your content clearly and accurately in order to help readers make informed judgments about your content's relevance to their needs.
  • Email, plain text contributions are preferred. ACYS prefers to receive information within the body of an email message and not in an attachment. Because we do not make use of images and logos in the newsletter, only your plain text is needed.
  • Content eligibility: Please read our criteria for content below:

Our criteria for evaluating content

  • Authoritativeness (contributions must come from an individual or organisation whose contact details are easily verifiable);
  • Unique value;
  • Scholarly value;
  • Currency;
  • Reliability; and/or
  • Accuracy.

The following specific criteria apply to Youth Field Xpress:

  • Relevance: material submitted for consideration needs to be relevant to youth researchers and youth workers, policy-makers and practitioners in areas such as health, education and those who work with youth.
  • Scope: Australian information that is of national or State/Territory interest is sought. International material is included where relevant to Australian youth studies or youth affairs. Events news: your event, conference, symposia, workshop or forum must be of significant interest to the youth field and/or be of more than regional relevance.
  • Accuracy: Please ensure the accuracy of information sent. It will be assumed you have checked your own information for accuracy before submitting information to the newsletter.

Note: Not all the above criteria will apply in each case. ACYS reserves the right not to include content submitted.

If you believe your news meets these criteria, then please submit your news item for consideration to: [email protected]