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The 'encyclopedia of informal education' has an excellent section on youth work. See their web site:

The National Youth Agency aims to advance youth work to promote young people's personal and social development, and their voice, influence and place in society. This UK web site has sections on:community action; conferences and events; improving youth work; influencing policy; library and information services; publications; developing learning; supporting local projects; what is the youth service?; and youth work training courses.
Web site:

International Child and Youth Care Network
This organisation is governed by its own constitution, and, through the International Child and Youth Care Trust, it is sponsored by donors. Its network, CYC-NET consists of three principal components: a daily e-mail discussion group; this web site; and an online magazine, CYC-ONLINE. Anyone interested in child and youth care is invited to join and participate in the email discussion group.
Web site:

Pro Youth International
This is a cooperative project of some European organistaions (Finnish Youth Cooperation, Service National de la Jeunesse in Luxembourg, the Swedish Foundation for International Youth Exchange, and the Scottish Community Educational Council.

University of Victoria, School of Child and Youth Care
"Guide for Needs Assessment for Youth"
Conversations with youth workers provided the impetus for a team of researchers at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to develop a needs assessment guide for youth.
Web site: