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An up-to-date list of Australia’s children’s commissioners

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Current lists of the go-to people for your work with young people are always useful, and Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) has obliged with a resource sheet published last month outlining the latest contact details for all the children’s commissioners and guardians in this country.

The resource sheet also explains the role and duties of the commissioners, the differences between the offices in each state and territory and some background on how these roles first came into being. The first National Children’s Commissioner was appointed in early 2013 for a five-year term; Megan Mitchell was appointed and currently fulfils that role. Australia has also just appointed a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner – Alistair MacGibbon – who will take up his role on 1 July, and will deal with complaints about cyberbullying and promote online safety for young people.

Access the CFCA resource sheet here.

Source:CFCA news, 3 June 2023.