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Each quarter, our peer reviewed journal publishes up to six research- and practice-based articles on Australian youth. Find out more.

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Information resources

Ethnic youth issues

Federal and State government sites:

Australian Government
Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
Includes multicultural information, research, statistics, fact sheets, migrant help and related sites.


The Diversity Health Institute Clearinghouse is a central access point for information on multicultural health in Australia and brings together a host of work on multicultural health in Australia. The clearinghouse website contains a number of databases for easy searching, including services, resources, research, training and events. Though Australian in focus, its content is also relevant to an international audience. The Diversity Health Institute is funded by the NSW Government. See:

This site is an interactive electronic clearinghouse for everyone involved in community level social, economic and environmental renewal including community leaders, community and government workers, volunteers, program managers, academics, policy makers, youth and seniors.

Australian Multicultural Foundation
The Australian Multicultural Foundation was established to promote a strong commitment to Australia as one people drawn from many cultures. It operates through consultation with all community organisations, institutions, other foundations, government and employer and employee bodies. Also see their Ethnic youth gangs research study, and project, Youth Gangs: The Australian Experience

Centre for Multicultural Youth
The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) is a Victorian community-based organisation that aims to strengthen and build innovative partnerships between young people, support services and the community to enhance life opportunities for young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds.

Tasmania Multicultural Issues Network
The network, formed in 2006, aims to support the ongoing work of a coalition of service providers and government agencies who are committed to improving services and policies affecting young Tasmanian migrants and refugees.

Ecumenical Migration Centre (EMC)
The Ecumenical Migration Centre (EMC), established in 1962, is one of the oldest agencies of its kind in Australia. EMC works statewide across Victoria and across ethnic, faith and language boundaries for the full participation of migrants and refugees and the development of Australia as a multicultural society. In 1999, the Centre became part of the Brotherhood of St Laurence to ensure that migrants and refugees are genuinely included within the Brotherhood's work for an Australia free of poverty.

The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia
FECCA is the Australian national peak body that promotes multiculturalism, community harmony and social justice.

The NSW Youth Partnership with Pacific Communities
The NSW Youth Partnership with Pacific Communities aims to facilitate a whole of government and whole of community approach in response to the strategic issues affecting Pacific communities, including; youth crime, health issues, school outcomes, and family and community violence.

The Refugee Council of Australia
This is a non-profit peak organisation that provides information on and advocacy for refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia on behalf of its individual and organisational members.

Ethnic Communities Council of NSW
The Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW (ECC) is a non-government peak body representing many organisations and people from the multicultural community in NSW. Its primary roles are advocacy, education and community development.