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Gambling and youth

Gambling Research Australia
As an initiative of the Ministerial Council on Gambling (MCG), GRA is responsible for managing and implementing a national research agenda. Its site provides access to their library of over 1,500 research publications on aspects of gambling, and access to other online resources, including upcoming conferences. 

National Association for Gambling Studies Australia
This association aims to promote discussion and research into all areas of gambling activity. Its members include treatment agencies, academics, regulators and gamblers themselves.

The Centre for Gambling Education and Research
Based in Queensland at Southern Cross University, this centre conducts research and consulting, and provides educational programs in gambling operations, management, policy and impacts.

The Centre for Gambling Research at the Australian National University closed its doors in August 2007.

Help for problem gambling:

Some States and Territories have websites for problem gambling:

Other helpful sites:
Multicultural Problem Gambling,


  • Measurement of prevalence of youth gambling in Australia
    The South Australian Centre for Economic Studies prepared this final report on a review of the literature on this topic for the Australian Government in December 2003. This report highlights the need for more streamlined and up-to-date ways to collect information on youth gambling and the impact of new technologies on their gambling behaviour. Regarding future work in this area, the researchers note in the executive summary that 'a longitudinal study where gambling issues are integrated into broader health issues' such as leisure, health and well-being or substance use 'may in fact be the preferred approach' as it 'would represent a more comprehensive approach to understanding youth gambling behaviours'. Follow the links to publications from the FaHCSIA website to the 41-page literature review in PDF format.

Australian apprentices and gambling, by Nicki Dowling, David Clarke, Lynda Memery and Tim Corney.
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.17-23.