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Youth Studies Australia
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Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia

Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia, tiny version


Incomes and expenditures

Resources on youth and financial matters

Young people and financial advice

Financial literacy resources:

The Commonwealth Bank website has a section on money management, with links to their youth programs and information about their youth financial literacy grants. The Commonwealth Bank Foundation offers:

  • financial literacy grants, made available each year through secondary schools, to help to develop student programs that create awareness, skill and understanding in financial literacy. All Australian secondary schools are eligible to apply for the grants.
  • Start Smart, which brings together young people and their teachers to learn how to ensure a smart financial future.
Another Day Another Dollar is a board game designed by Melbourne Citymission Inc. and created by young people, for young people. It provides information about debt, budgeting and making the best decisions. A limited numberof the games are available free of charge for schools, youth services, community development agencies and educators.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission has devoted a section of its website to information for young people. Contact them for the free comic, To the max, which was originally published by Streetwize Communications with support from ASIC. Also see the ASIC site, FIDO (Financial Tips and Safety Checks).

The NSW Office of Fair Trading has information for young people on their Moneystuff website. This is designed to help young people to prepare for independent living, and includes resources dealing with consumer responsibility and personal financial management. There is also a section for teachers and parents. The office has another website concerned with young people and debt.

The National Welfare Rights Network provides independent information, advice and representation about Social Security law and its administration. Their site has information on the quarterly magazine, rights review, produced by the Welfare Rights Centre in Sydney.

MoneyMinded is a financial education program which helps people make informed decisions about using and managing money. Its site includes useful tips on managing mobile phone debt.

Managing money, saving money is a section of the Victorian Government's Youth Central website which is designed to help youth make informed financial decisions.

Mobile phone debt: archived item from ABC Radio's 7.30 report.

Money matters for young consumers (The Spinney Press, Issues in Society series, v.223, 2005, ISBN 1 920801 32 4).

Journal articles on this topic (from Youth Studies Australia):
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Financial management and young Australian workers, by  Nicki Dowling, Lauren Hoiles, Tim Corney & David Clark
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Other resources concerning income and youth

Costs of children

'Costs of children' is an annual series that contains information on the estimated costs of children in Australian families, using Australian budget standards. Previously pubished by the Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA; Costs of children report), it is now published by Centrelink's Child Support Agency (see details).

Beyond the death of a child: Social impacts and economic costs of the death of a child
by Jon Stebbins and Tervour Batrouney; funded by the William Buckland Foundation; published in July 2007 by Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc. This research report provides bereaved parents, governments, community agencies and business organisations with findings on the impact on families of the death of a child and recommendations directed to greater understanding and improved support services by these bodies, has just been released.
PDF of the summary report or get there via: