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Each quarter, our peer reviewed journal publishes up to six research- and practice-based articles on Australian youth. Find out more.

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Media issues

Also see: Parliament of Australia: Parliamentary Library's list of media internet resources

UNESCO International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media

This clearinghouse serves researchers, policy-makers, media professionals, voluntary organisations, teachers, students and interested individuals. It produces a yearbook, a newsletter, bibliographies and a worldwide register of organisations concerned with children and media.

Young Media Australia

Young Media Australia is a national community organisation with members committed to the promotion of the healthy development of Australian children. Their particular interest is in the role that media plays in that development.

Australian Children's Television Foundation

ACTF is a national non-profit organisation that encourages the development, production and dissemination of high-quality television programs, films and other audiovisual media for children. The ACTF site includes a complete guide to all programs produced at the ACTF since its incorporation in 1982.

The ACTF’s Resource Centre contains an extensive collection of materials on children and the media. The centre is designed for use by researchers, producers, tertiary students and academics, but is open to all members of the public. The holdings can be searched online. 

Australian Teachers of Media Vic.

ATOM is an independent, non-profit, professional association for Teachers of Media and Teachers who wish to use media effectively in their classroom. ATOM aims to foster and encourage a generation of students who are both multi-literate and 'technologically savvy'. Other Media teachers' organisations can be found in Queensland (ATOM QLD), the Australian Capital Territory (ATOM ACT), and in South Australia (SAAME) as well as in New Zealand. Both Metro Magazine and Australian Screen Education magazine are owned by the Australian Teachers of Media.

Express Media

This national media organisation strives to achieve good results in youth literature and media appreciation through its Voiceworks magazine, workshops and spoken word events for young writers, poets and performers.

Other media-related organisations are  listed on the websites of organisations such as the Australian Film Television and Radio School, the Council of Australian Media Education Organisations Inc, or The Production Book Online.

This was a national media-based arts festival showcasing creative work by young Australians. The showcase is still online although current projects are not occuring at this point in time.


This resource for media professionals is an online companion to another Mindframe publication, Reporting Suicide and Mental Illness. The resource was developed with the assistance of media professionals, suicide and mental health experts and consumer organisations to inform responsible and appropriate reporting of suicide and mental illness, to minimise harm and copycat behaviour, and reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by people who have or have had a mental illness.

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