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SEMYA (South East Metropolitan Youth Action) is a WA youth service with a wide variety of online resources, including a section on Teenagers as parents.

NSW Young Parents Forum Series
OzProspect runs forums for young parents in partnership with the NSW Department of Community Services. See website.

Young Mothers for Young Women (YMYW): See: the YMYW website.

Talking Realities
This program trains and supports young parents to become peer educators. The project is based at the Adelaide Central Community Health Service, The Parks, and is a division of the Central Northern Adelaide Health Service. The project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and  Indigenous Affairs under the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy's 'Local Answers' initiative, with additional funding from several other bodies. The project was developed with both an early intervention and a prevention focus. It aims to influence the health and well-being of young parents aged 19 years and under, and their children. The overall aim is to increase young parents' ability to make informed choices on parenting and health. Accredited peer education training and support from young parent peer educators is given to the young parents to increase their parenting skills, knowledge and capacity.

ABCD Parenting Young Adolescents Program
This program is funded by the Department of Human Services Victoria, and aims to equip parents with the communication skills, parenting practices, information and strategies to help them build positive, trusting relationships with their young adolescent children.

Parents, Kids and Drugs is a Queensland parenting and support program for parents concerned about their son's or daughter's use of alcohol or other drugs. For contact details, contact the Alcohol and Drug Information Service in Queensland, (07) 3837 5989.

Youth Off The Streets, a registered charity that works with homeless and disadvantaged young people, published a magazine called TeenMatters, a quarterly aimed at parents and families with teenagers as well as professionals who work with young people. It ceased in 2007.

'Can't Buy Me Love?' Young Australians' views on parental work, time, guilt and their own consumption, by Assoc. Prof. Barbara Pocock, research fellow in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Adelaide and Jane Clarke, a researcher in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Adelaide. This 2004 Australia Institute discussion paper examines the perspectives of young people with regard to their parents' paid and unpaid work, its implications for their lives and the links between work and consumption. (Australia Institute Discussion Paper, n.61, February 2004, ISSN 1322-5421, 12pp. Full text at the Australia Institute website (discussion papers section); PDF download (link verified 20 January  2009).

The NSW Commission for Children and Young People has several resources useful for parents. See its publications section.

The DrugInfo Clearinghouse at the Australian Drug Foundation issues a series of free fact sheets, reading and resource lists and research summaries for parents on alcohol- and drug-related issues. Examples of their fact sheets include:

Many other organisations have publications for parents regarding drug use, see for instance, South Australia's page for parents and carers.

Australian Council for Children and Parenting

ACCAP is an advisory body to the Federal Government's Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and  Indigenous Affairs and is serviced by a Secretariat located within the department. 

Raising Children Network
This is an Australian parenting website that focuses mostly on parenting in the pre-teenage years. See its links for parents and families.

The Outcomes of children of young parents

This is a research study by the Social Policy Research Centre on the causal relationship between child outcomes and parental demographic characteristics, especially parental age at birth. There's been much concern about the impact of teenage pregnancy on child health and functioning outcomes but it isn't clear whether or not the poorer outcomes observed in these families are due to the parent's age at birth or to other factors, such as health and socioeconomic status of the parents, which influence both the likelihood of a teenage pregnancy and the outcomes for the child. (Researchers: Bruce Bradbury of the Social Policy Research Centre for the Federal Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.)

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