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Peer relations

Society for Research on Adolescence:
SRA Study Group on Parental Involvement in Adolescent Peer Relations
The PIAPER Study Group brings together scholars examining how parents and other family members influence and are influenced by adolescents' peer interactions and relationships. For more information on the Study Group's members, activities, accomplishments, and a bibliography of relevant research, visit the PIAPER website.

When used in conjunction with other strategies, provides a powerful tool for bringing about positive cultural change in school communities. The program is managed through the Peer Support Foundation, a non-government, not-for-profit organisation funded by the Department of Science, Education and Technology, the Department of Health and Ageing and the NSW Health Department. This funding has enabled the Peer Support Foundation to produce a range of modules over the years, which focus on transition, orientation, resilience, anti-bullying, values, relationships and optimism.

The Peer Support Foundation was established in 1983 when a health educator, Elizabeth Campbell, developed a program to support students following the death of a young person from a drug overdose at a Sydney high school. There are now many primary and secondary schools from the government and non-government sector operating the Peer Support Foundation's program. It has evolved over the years from being a secondary school drug education program to being an integrated and sustained mental and social health program spanning Kindergarten to Year 10. Recently developed anti-bullying modules are important components of a whole school approach to address the issue of bullying behaviours in a positive way. Further information about the Peer Support Program can be obtained from the Peer Support Foundation (Sydney office) ph: (02) 9905 3499 or from