Case studies

The following case studies present examples of current practice in supporting and delivering services to young people in city and regional areas.  Each case study includes background information about the program/service provider, and details of issues encountered in achieving successful outcomes.


Topic: Diverting young people from vehicle theft
Location: Hobart
U-Turn aims to break the cycle of motor vehicle theft by teaching participants mechanics and life skills while addressing personal development issues.

Published: 2014, ACYS

Blue Mountains Street Art Collective

Topics: Art and culture; Employment and careers
Location:  Blue Mountains, NSW
The BMSAC program has ensured that young artists have regular opportunities to practice their art in a safe and legal environment, while receiving positive feedback from members of the public and career opportunities.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Core of live

Topics: Sexual health; Parenting
Location: Bendigo, Victoria
Core of Life is an interactive educational program that provides information on teenage pregnancy, birth and parenting. At Bendigo Senior Secondary College, it follows previous education sessions on contraception, STI’s and relationships, and so forms part of a holistic sexuality education program.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Foyer Oxford

Topics: Homelessness and housing; Transition; Education and training
Location:  Perth
The Foyer Oxford is an affordable housing project targeted at young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The Foyer Oxford offers young people transitional housing for 2 years, along with holistic 24/7 youth support systems and integrated access to education and training opportunities.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Freedom Centre

Topics: Sexual health; Sexuality and gender
Location: Western Australia
The Freedom Centre is youth-owned, peer-operated drop-in space for young people (under 26) who are same sex attracted or gender diverse, to support young people to be happy and healthy about their sexuality, sex and gender.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Generic Youth Development Framework

Topics: Youth work; Sector development
Location: Australia-wide
The GYDF is a reference guide developed by the Department of Defense for organisations to use when assessing, or developing their youth development programs.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition


Topics: Cultural and linguistic diversity; Women and girls; Migrant and refugee youth
Location:  Melbourne
Girlspace was set up to explore new ways of engaging and supporting newly arrived young women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Netfest 2012

Topics: Youth work; Sector development
Location: South Australia
Netfest is a networking event for youth workers in South Australia. The day-long event brings together existing youth sector networks to discuss ideas, projects and inspire best practice.

Retro Cafe

Topic: Youth work; Participation; Community engagement
Location: New South Wales
The Retro Youth Café was founded in 2004, by Albury Council, to provide a safe hang out space for local young people. Since then it has become a hub for youth activity in the Albury area. It provides a place where young people can meet, socialise and engage in community activities – such as band nights, youth councils, parents groups and holiday programs.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition


Topics: Education and training; At-risk
Location: Tasmania
Studentworks helps develop the skills and confidence of students, Years 8 to 10, who are at risk of school refusal, dropping out or failing, and help them make a successful transition from school to work or further training.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Youth ARC

Topic: Arts and culture; Entertainment; Youth participation
Location: Tasmania
Youth ARC is a hub for free arts, entertainment, cultural and recreational facilities. They run activities, programs and events for young people aged 12-25. The centre focuses on encouraging participation; encouraging young people to identify what they want to do and then helping them to make it happen.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Youth Educating Peers (YEP) Project

Topics: Sexual health; Participation and leadership
Location: Western Australia
The YEP project aims to increase the Western Australian youth sector’s capacity to support and educate young people on sexual health and blood-borne virus (SHBBV) issues. They also work to increase young people’s participation in SHBBV education and promotion.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Youth Empowerment Against HIV

Topic: Sexual health; youth leadership
Location:  Australia-wide
The Agents of YEAH (AofY) program provides training and support for young Australians wanting to become sexual health peer educators.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition


Topic: Mentoring
Location:  Sunshine Coast, QLD
Yshop is a program based within Sunshine Coast Libraries, Queensland, that gives young people the opportunity to run a free market stall at a library in the Sunshine Coast network on Saturday mornings over the summer period. These market stalls feature original products made by children and young people who keep all the profits from their sales.

Published: 2012, ACYS and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Further information

If you'd like more information, please contact the organisations listed in the case studies.  If you have suggestions for an organisation, program/project or service that would make a good case study, contact ACYS:  [email protected].

Youthbeyondblue launches ‘Surviving Year 12’ fact sheets for students and parents

With the 2015 school year kicking off for students around Australia, the Youthbeyondblue website has published ‘Surviving Year 12’ fact sheets for students and parents. These fact sheets aim to help students prepare well for the year ahead and be aware of the supports that are available in the hard times.

02 Feb 2015

‘Take back dinnertime’ and support youth organisations in Fone Free Feb

Fone Free Feb is a fundraising initiative that raises money for charitable organisations while highlighting our society’s dependence on mobile devices. Everyone is invited to host a meal for friends and family during February where diners switch off their phones for the duration of the meal and make a donation to help an organisation realise a specific dream.

02 Feb 2015

Research identifies the barriers that stop young people from achieving their goals

A new national study from, Australia’s leading online mental health service for young people, shows that the majority of Aussie teenagers (81%) set short-term or long-term goals, yet more than half of them (58%) may give up before they’ve managed to achieve them.

02 Feb 2015

Indigenous youth 24 times as likely to be locked up, research shows

The Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services released today showed indigenous young people aged 10 to 17 were almost 24 times as likely as non-indigenous young people to be locked up in youth detention centres in 2012-13.

30 Jan 2015

Appointment of Acting ACYS Director

Dr. Chris Rayner, Lecturer in Inclusive Education, at the University of Tasmania has been appointed as the Acting Director for the Australian Clearinghouse of Youth Studies (ACYS) following the news that Dr. Jeremy Prichard was stepping down from the role.

30 Jan 2015

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