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Current issue:
September 2004

Cover, September 2004
Summary of the feature articles in this issue

Cover, June 2004
Vol. 23, n.2, June 2004

Cover, March 2004
Vol. 23, n.1, March 2004

Cover, December 2003
Vol. 22, n.4, December 2003

In the September 2004 issue:

What young people?
? the political invisibility of youth

Youth appear to have 'fallen off the radar' in social policy debate. With an election imminent, what does this mean for the future of young people and youth work in Australia?

Three papers in this issue focus on interactions between youth and those who work with them, and between youth and governments, and society more generally. The topic of youth work will again be visited in the December issue of YSA. Other challenging topics in the current issue are: violent teenage deaths, public space and rights, and teens in cyberspace.

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In the June 2004 issue:

Reaching young people
- where they are at

Providing support and services to young people requires an understanding of their circumstances, the restrictions on their mobility, their reluctance or inability to access support systems, and their restricted financial resources.

Four of the papers in this issue take different but overlapping perspectives on supporting young people. There is a paper outlining youth service provision in general and three papers that tackle specific issues of support: volatile substance abuse, homelessness in young women and adolescent mental health.

The remaining papers describe new research into the role of student bystanders in bullying and into the reasons why young women binge-drink.

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