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Want to reduce aggression in adolescents? Work on their beliefs

A US study has found that young people can change their attitudes about bullies and victims when shown that it is possible to change behaviours and beliefs. Original article

28 Mar 2013

The drug habits of highly effective people

This article from the Sydney Morning Herald looks at how some young people are able to use drugs recreationally without addictive behaviours.  Original article

28 Mar 2013

Updated resource: Mental Health Services in Australia

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has updated the Mental Health Services in Australia website with new information, including details of specialised mental health facilities. Original articles

28 Mar 2013

Not Waving But Drowning: Social technologies haven’t killed teenagers’ ability to communicate

Has technology affected the ability of young people communicate effectively? Or is it simply an evolution of expression?  Original article

28 Mar 2013

Young Adults’ Stories About Gambling

Researchers at the University of Tasmania are conducting a Tasmanian study of young adults’ stories - positive and negative - about gambling. More information

28 Mar 2013

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