Volume 30 Number 4 December 2011 





Ending youth homelessness

Profile: Aaron Tait, Founder of The LEADERS Project and Executive Director of Spark* 

Peak news


Dangerous or endangered? Race and the politics of youth in urban America, New York and London 

The school to prison pipeline: Structuring legal reform 



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Experts' views
Shelley Walker, Lena Sanci & Meredith Temple-Smith 

Sociality online
Exploratory study into the online habits of young Australians
Rob White

‘2 am on a grassy knoll’
A perspective on unique youth worker attributes
Phil Daughtry

Re-engaging young people with education and training
What are the alternatives?
Kimberley Wilson, Kellie Stemp & Sue McGinty

Construction industry apprentices' substance abuse
A survey of prevalence rates, reasons for use, and regional and age differences
Karen du Plessis & Tim Corney

Reducing alcohol and other drug-related harm in young people
Evaluation of a youth engagement program
Stephen McKenzie, Nic Droste, Salli Hickford & Peter Miller


Youth initiatives 



Youth Studies Australia

ISSN 1038 - 2569 

Volume 31, Number 1
March 2012

Abstracts of papers in current issue

Sex, kids and advertising

Pressure is mounting for tougher regulation of the advertising industry after widespread criticism of several ads aimed at young girls that some say are no less than corporate paedophilia. Original article

30 Mar 2012

Anti-binge drinking ad under fire

A new police advertising campaign that targets binge drinking has been attacked as unrealistic and ineffective by lobby groups for Canberra's nightclubs, pub, and clubs. Original article

30 Mar 2012

Children and young people's participation strategy

Peakcare and GForce in Queensland have produced a strategy document about how to encourage children and young people to be involved in their communities, and to participate in the development of services and programs that support them. Original article

30 Mar 2012

CFCA Connect

CFCA Connect is an interactive, dynamic blog-style section of the new website for Child Family Community Australia that provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, comments, views and news in the child, family and community welfare sectors. Original article

30 Mar 2012

The Chroming Report a Government framework for children-in-care

This report from the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian in Queensland reviews the quality of service delivery to children in care who are chroming. Original article

29 Mar 2012

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