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Environmental issues

Concerns about the environment regularly rate highly in surveys canvasing young people about the issues they find of greatest concern to their future. This topic covers young people's views on the environment, their involvement in environmental causes and concerns for the future of the environment. 

For issues about including young people's needs in civic planning and their use of public spaces, please see the topic Public space.

Launch of the Queen's Youth Leaders Programme

In announcing the programme, Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated, 'Recipients of the Award will be people aged 18-29 who have overcome adversity to show leadership and service in their community. Successful applicants will receive training and mentoring opportunities to further encourage and inspire them.' Original article

11 Jul 2014

Comment: Funding reforms will affect mental health of young Australians

Mental health funding reforms will impact the most vulnerable members of the community while losing years of hard earned innovation and wisdom within the Not for Profit sector, writes Jesuit Social Services CEO Julie Edwards. Original article

11 Jul 2014

School suspension 'human rights violation'

In advance of a national summit on student behaviour to be held in Adelaide next week, researchers have stated that children are being left humiliated and disengaged by school punishment that violates their rights. Original article

11 Jul 2014

Disadvantaged youth have poor financial literacy

In a report released by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and conducted by the OECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), young Australians are in the ‘Top Five’ for financial literacy internationally, however close to 30 per cent had levels at the baseline rate or below it. Original article

11 Jul 2014

Piracy more prevalent amongst young

An international survey found that young people are much more likely to pirate content such as movies and music than adults. However, unlike the UK and US where the majority of young people have admitted pirating content, only 40% of young Australians have admitted doing so. Original article

11 Jul 2014

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