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2023 National Youth Conference

The 2023 National Youth Conference will bring together a number of motivated young Australians to discuss and debate contemporary national and international issues. The conference will be held in Canberra from the 14th to the 18th April 2023. Delegates will represent each state and territory of Australia and the conference will also attract delegates from existing national youth organisations and bodies within Australia. The 5 day event will  involve leadership seminars and workshops to equip the youth of Australia with the necessary skills to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

The conference will involve 5 key working groups. Each working group will discuss and debate a variety of industry specific issues. Throughout the conference each working group will also prepare a report for government and non government organisations regarding the actions young Australian's believe are in the best interest of Australia.  The 5 working groups are:
  • Climate change and environment working group
  • International relations and diplomacy working group
  • Agriculture and national sustainable development working group
  • Science, technology and innovation working group
  • National youth issue task force

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