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Youth Field Xpress

Youth Field Xpress is a free monthly news briefing for youth researchers, youth workers, policymakers and anyone with an interest in youth issues. It contains news of research projects, reports, programs, projects and events that are relevant to the Australian youth sector and supporting services.

Face the Facts

Face the Facts analyses important issues facing young Australians and the youth sector. Each issue includes:

Briefings – an in-depth report that reveals the complex factors at play and presents a ‘lay of the land’ view of the key issues involved. We include the major players, relevant policy implications and indications of where this issue may go in the future.

Snapshots – a short, sharp overview of the issue’s major themes and critical points, combined with informative graphics and statistics.

Case studies - insightful reports on programs or services working in the Face the Fact topic area.  These provide background information, analysis of what worked, and reflections on successes and areas for improvement.

Podcasts and webinars - interviews and discussions with experienced practitioners, recognised researchers, and young people provide the personal insights that are vital to round out understanding and knowledge of an issue.

Daily news

Each day, we relay current news about young Australians and the issues affecting them. We bring recent research, statistics, evaluations and emerging practices to the attention of the youth sector.

Resource centre

The Resource centre is the main repository of information on young Australians, including research, briefings, reports, statistics, case studies, programs, contacts, books and other publications…anything about young people and the organisations and individuals working with them.

Social media

ACYS uses social media networks to stay in touch with the Australian youth sector:
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    Linked In

Help desk

ACYS is here to help those looking for authoritative information on young Australians.

In some cases, there is so much information it can be difficult to sift through it all to find reliable, useful material. And at other times, information sources can be elusive or hidden to the average information hunter.

That’s where ACYS can help.

We know where to look for the materials you need and can put you in touch with the organisations you need to talk to.
Whether you need background details on a youth issue, specific statistics and data related to a current issue, or the latest research, we know where to source the best information.


ACYS has a long history of publishing for the Australian youth sector.

A list of current books in print is available, along with details about purchasing.

Past issues of the journal, Youth Studies Australia, are freely available through the ACYS website.

Research and analysis

In addition to Face the Facts, ACYS has been commissioned to produce reports on specific youth issues. We can gather background research, supporting evidence and statistical data across a wide range of youth issues.  With our extensive experience in the youth sector, we are also able to provide considered analysis of new and existing research.

Editorial, proofreading and review

Our reputation for high-quality, authoritative and accessible work means that we are sought out to provide services to other organisations looking to ensure a similar quality to their own information products and resources. We can provide a range of editorial services including proofreading, fact checking and coordination of peer reviews.

ACYS has worked with academic authors, conference organisers and other organisations to produce reports, conference materials and a range of information resources.

Graphic design

ACYS is committed to producing well-designed and informative resources. Our team of graphic designers produce exceptional results across a range of platforms, including print, online and electronic mail distribution.