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Face the facts analyses emerging issues and upcoming trends in the youth sector
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Home ownership and young Australians
June 2015
Despite reports of housing becoming less affordable, young Australians continue to rate home ownership as a key aspiration. However, young people are deciding to purchase a home later in life and for different reasons than previous generations. This briefing looks at the factors that influence making the biggest financial commitment of most young people's lives.
Face the Facts products include


In-depth reports that reveals the complex factors at play and presents a ‘lay of the land’ view of the key issues involved. We include the major players, relevant policy implications and indications of where this issue may go in the future.


Short, sharp overviews of the issue’s major themes and critical points, combined with informative graphics and statistics.

Case studies

Insightful reports on programs or services working in the Face the Fact topic area.  These provide background information, analysis of what worked, and reflections on successes and areas for improvement.

Podcasts and webinars

Interviews and discussions with experienced practitioners, recognised researchers, and young people provide the personal insights that are vital to round out understanding and knowledge of an issue.