Teenagers proving plain packaging on cigarettes is working

Research reveals that plain packaging on cigarettes has made smoking less appealing to teenagers and  prompted more people to consider quitting. A series of studies published in the British Medical Journal indicates the laws forcing tobacco companies to make their packets dark brown with enlarged graphic images have been successful. Now this Australian initiative has been commended at an international conference in Abu Dhabi, US billionaires where Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates, launched a fighting fund to support developing countries in their legal battle with big tobacco companies. See more

20 Mar 2015

Safety plan for girls and women at risk of forced marriage

Young women and girls at risk of forced marriage are being encouraged to develop secret safety plans to escape the illegal practice. The Australian Government has uploaded a how-to guide to the Attorney-General’s Department website that outlines actions such as:
    •    How to get ready to leave home quickly and safely;
    •    How to make sure you’re not taken overseas to be married;
    •    How to secretly purchase a cheap mobile phone;
    •    Using “safe” words that can confirm your identity; and
    •    Deleting text messages after sending, and removing calls from call logs to stop someone else identifying who has been called.

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20 Mar 2015

Masa Vukotic died because a man killed her .....

.... not because she went for a walk

Masa Vukotic had travelled around the world, but was only a five minute walk from home when she was killed. She never made it back to the house in Doncaster she shared with her father and younger brother and sister. The Canterbury Girls Secondary College student was killed as she walked through the Koonung Creek Linear Reserve on Tuesday evening. See more

20 Mar 2015

A whacking stick is not enough to get young people into work

Australia’s young people are facing some urgent problems. The unemployment rate of 15 to 24-year-olds, at a staggering 13.9%, is more than double the overall national rate of 6.3%. It hasn’t been higher since the late 1990s. The government has said time and again that we need to get young people working, but the figures are telling us that it’s not as simple as it would seem. The demand for jobs among Australia’s young people far outstrips the supply of jobs.

When we break down the figures, the scenario looks even worse: 13.9% of 15-24 year olds (291,832) in the labour market are unemployed; another 17.4% (365,575) had jobs but were looking for more work (that is, underemployed). This amounts to around one in three young people in the labour market. This rate is at its highest since the statistics were first available in 1978. See more

19 Mar 2015

What should parents do if their child is bullied at school?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t?

Having your child bullied at school is one of the greatest fears of parents – and research shows this fear is well founded. School bullying has been described as the single most important threat to the mental health of children and adolescents.
Well-controlled studies show that being bullied in primary school increases the risk of serious mental health problems into adolescence and ongoing depression leading well into adulthood. So when parents find out their child is being bullied, they are right to be concerned. But what exactly should they do about it? Should they tell the school, approach the parents of the other child, or just let their child deal with it?

It can be difficult to weigh up the sometimes conflicting advice given to parents. Parents desperately want to help their child, but if they jump in too quickly to protect their child they can be labelled as over-protective or over-indulgent. See more

19 Mar 2015

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