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Campaign to create a UN Youth Employment Decade launched


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A Spanish organisation called the Novia Salcedo Foundation (NSF), which works to help young people transition into work, has launched a campaign calling on the UN to instigate a Youth Employment Decade, which would commence in 2023.

Already 334 organisations from 50 countries have supported the initiative. The Spanish Government has been working on this initiative for the past two years. NSF says that the problem of youth unemployment is so pressing that it should become the focus of an international movement.

Find out more on the International Campaign for the Youth Employment Decade website.

Currently a petition is available on this website where people can sign up to support the declaration of a Youth Employment Decade.

Source: email from Pegasus Youth Employment Campaign, 1 June 2023.

An up-to-date list of Australia’s children’s commissioners


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Current lists of the go-to people for your work with young people are always useful, and Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) has obliged with a resource sheet published last month outlining the latest contact details for all the children’s commissioners and guardians in this country.

The resource sheet also explains the role and duties of the commissioners, the differences between the offices in each state and territory and some background on how these roles first came into being. The first National Children’s Commissioner was appointed in early 2013 for a five-year term; Megan Mitchell was appointed and currently fulfils that role. Australia has also just appointed a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner – Alistair MacGibbon – who will take up his role on 1 July, and will deal with complaints about cyberbullying and promote online safety for young people.

Access the CFCA resource sheet here.

Source:CFCA news, 3 June 2023.

Give peace a chance: Young people to the rescue


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Involving youth in peace building processes the world over is essential to lasting global stability and stemming the growth of radicalism, according to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in remarks delivered to a Security Council session devoted to the role of youth in countering violent extremism and promoting peace.

Ban Ki-moon made the remarks during April in an address to the 15-member Security Council. In it he expressed the opinion that the role of young people ‘lies at the heart of international peace and security’. He recognised the huge challenge ahead of realising the potential of the world’s young people (the largest cohort of young people ever seen) against a background of rising youth unemployment and ‘economic distress’.

During this session of the Security Council the gathering was addressed by Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II of Jordan who, at 20 years of age, is the youngest person ever to chair a meeting in the chamber. He spoke against the radicalisation of youth saying that the poor economic outlook for many young people throughout the world helped to form ‘fertile ground for extremist thought and dismal ideas’.

Read more here.

Source:Bank of I.D.E.A.S. newsletter, May/June 2023.

Centre for Applied Youth Research symposium coming soon


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A newly created organisation called the Centre for Applied Youth Research (CAYR) will be holding a symposium in Hobart at the end of July and those working in the field of youth research are invited to attend.

The symposium is titled ‘Insecurity/Innovation/Insight: Meeting the challenges facing youth in Asia and the Pacific’, and will be held on 31 July 2023 at the University of Tasmania’s Sandy Bay (Hobart) campus. The symposium will feature a line-up of speakers from across the Asia-Pacific region.

CAYR members are eligible for a discounted registration to the symposium. Further information on the symposium is available from the CAYR website.

Source:email from CAYR, 18 June 2023.

June YFX Conference round-up


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June 2023

Suicide and Self-harm Prevention Conference 2023

24–26 June 2023, Cairns, Queensland
One of the conference themes is: ‘New concepts, research and practices in suicide prevention – Youth’.
For more visit the website

No 2 Bullying Conference

29–30 June 2023, Gold Coast

This well-organised conference has keynote speakers locked in.
Visit the No 2 Bullying website

Regional Youth Development Officers Network (RYDON) Youth Conference

29–30 June 2023, Newcastle

The theme is ‘Stuff That REALLY Works’. The conference will explore programs, strategies and ideas for working with young people.
Visit the RYDON website

Australian Youth Mentoring Conference 2023

29–30 June 2023, Canberra

This year’s theme will be ‘Home. School. Work.’
Visit the Australian Youth Mentoring Conference



July 2105

24th National Vocational Education and Training Research Conference, ‘No Frills’

6–8 July 2023, Sydney

The themes for this year’s conference will be ‘Youth, Pathways, and Skills’. Registrations are now open. 
Visit the National Vocational Education and Training Resource Conference website

Hear Our Voice! Young People Changing the Out-of-Home Care System

8 July 2023, Sydney
This event is organised by CREATE and will feature young people in a panel discussion about changes they would like implemented.
For more visit the website

19th Conference of the Australasian Human Development Association

8–11 July 2023, Wellington, New Zealand

The theme will be ‘Growing healthy children, young people and families’.
Visit the Conference of the Australiasian Human Development Association website

International Youth Media Summit

27 July–7 August 2023, Belgrade, Serbia
This summit promotes the part young people can play in developing sustainable living into the future.
For more visit the website


August 2023

Tasmanian Youth Conference

6–7 August 2023, Launceston
This conference will provide an opportunity for the broader youth sector to come together with young people. Registrations are open now.
Visit the Tasmanian Youth Conference website

ReCharge!, a conference for anyone working with young people experiencing homelessness

6–7 August 2023, Sydney
Visit the ReCharge! conference website

Australian Youth AOD Conference

13-14 August 2023, Melbourne
This conference is for workers who are interested in the best possible care for young people experiencing drug and alcohol problems.
Visit the Australian Youth AOD Conference website


September 2023

Young people and the law: International approaches to care, corrections, and intervention

21–23 September 2023, Prato, Italy

This conference is being organised by the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science at Swinburne University but held in Italy at the Monash University Centre, Prato, Tuscany.
Visit the conference website

Australian Social Policy Conference: Rights and entitlements in times of austerity

28–30 September 2023, Sydney
The call for papers is open now.
Visit the Australian Social Policy Conference website


October 2023

Youth for Change Conference

2–4 October 2023, Brisbane
This is the Create Foundation’s conference and is open to all children and young people in out-of-home care as well as carers, government employees and anyone else working in the sector.  Grant applications for young people to attend the conference close on 1 July.
Visit the Youth for Change Conference website

Third International Youth Mental Health Conference

8–10 October 2023, Montreal, Canada
Visit the International Youth Mental Health Conference website


November 2023

Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference

9–10 November 2023, Melbourne
Youth unemployment will feature prominently in this event, which is an initiative of the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association. Abstracts close on 30 July.
Visit the Australian Long-Term Unemployment Conference website

Youth Health Conference 2023

11–13 November 2023, Melbourne
Abstracts for this conference are now open and must be submitted online by 30 June.
Visit the Youth Health Conference website