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Anglicare Rental Affordability Snapshot

The Rental Affordability Snapshot is designed to highlight the lived experience of looking for housing while on a low income. It focuses on the Australian population who earn the least income – Commonwealth benefit recipients and minimum wage earners.

Each year in April, Anglicare Australia agencies across Australia search local newspapers and real estate websites for rental accommodation.

2014 Rental Affordability Snapshot - Report shows that despite an 11% increase in the number of rental properties across Australia compared to last year, less than 1% listed on the weekend of 5-6 April was affordable for anyone on a government payment.

2013 Rental Affordability Snapshot - Report shows that on Saturday 13 April, when the Anglicare network surveyed 56,414 rental properties across of Australia, less than one per cent of the properties listed were suitable for anyone on Newstart allowance, parenting payment, aged pension or disability support pension.

2012 Rental Affordability Snapshot - Released on 30 April, shows the private rental market has failed Australians living on low incomes.