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Video: The grim reality of life behind bars aims to deter youth from a life of crime

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'Stories from the inside' is a film made for educators, youth workers and legal practitioners to show to the young people they work with, to help them recognise that a prison sentence is tough, brutal and to be avoided at all costs.

For close to two years a group of young, first-time offenders aged between 18 and 25, all inmates at the Youth Unit at Port Philip Prison, have been making a film that they hope will change lives.

Stories from the inside is a powerful documentary, filmed, edited and directed by the prisoners in the hope that they may stop other young people offending. Highly motivated to tell their stories as a way of giving back to the community, they reveal the crimes that led them to being incarcerated, how easily they found themselves in prison, the choices and mistakes they made along the way, and the effects of their actions on themselves, their families and their victims. They discuss the harsh reality of prison life, the daily grind, the boredom, the depression, and their fears of rejection when they return to the outside world.

The film was produced by Shark Island Productions and Igniting Change as a free resource. To access the film and Study Guide online please go to the Education tab on the film's website. If you have any questions about the film or want a DVD please contact Ariella Gery.

Source: email from Shark Island, 14 April 2023.