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Youth work & the sector

It’s time to take part in the Mission Australia survey again!

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Mission Australia launched its Youth Survey 2023 last month; if you are 15–19 years old you’re invited to take part in what is Australia’s largest annual survey of young people and have your voice heard.

Mission Australia has conducted the Youth Survey every year since 2002, and in that time many thousands of young people have expressed their opinions and perspectives on the issues and experiences that concern them, such as education, employment, community activities, family and social support.

In this year’s survey there is a special focus on community and housing, as well as other barriers to further education and employment. The data from the survey will be used to produce a widely distributed report, and its results inform the agendas of governments, policymakers and community organisations.

The survey results are also a valuable resource for young people, their families and those who support them, including schools and communities. Mission Australia is keen to stress that all section of the community take part in the survey, so young people in detention and homeless youth or those at risk of homelessness will also be encouraged to take part.

The survey closes on Friday, 31 July 2023. To take part, click here. Access the results of past surveys from this site also. If you have any queries about the survey, you can phone (02) 9219 2022; or email: [email protected]