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New resource from CFCA on disclosure of abuse

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A newly published paper from Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) is intended as a practical resource for anyone who has to respond to children or young people who disclose their experiences of abuse to them.

With its lack of jargon and clearly laid-out tips for ways to support a child or young person who is wanting to tell an adult about what has happened to them, this resource will doubtless prove an important one. 

It covers the circumstances in which a young person might reveal past abuse, how they do so, and, perhaps most importantly, how to react during the disclosure. It is made very clear that, although the abuse may have been perpetrated by someone close to the child and possibly known to the person to whom it is being disclosed, on no account should the perpetrator be approached or challenged about the issue. Equally important is the fact that if a child or young person reveals abuse then the person responding should not make any promises that they cannot keep, such as telling the young person that the issue will go no further.

Access the resource here.

Source:CFCA News, 9 April 2023.