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Unpaid internships a concern for young jobseekers

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A story that went to air on ABC Radio’s PM program on 17 June highlights the issues associated with unpaid internships among young jobseekers.

Given the high youth unemployment rate in Australia, many young people, including university graduates, are undertaking unpaid internships in the hope that they will lead to paid employment.

However, the PM story notes that ‘unpaid internships are sometimes unregulated and even illegal, requiring students to work long hours for nothing’.

The story reports on the experiences of two former interns, Professor Andrew Stewart from the University of Adelaide (who wrote a report on unpaid internships for the Fair Work Ombudsman), and Colleen Chen, a young woman who founded the support and advocacy organisation Interns Australia after her experience as an unpaid intern at a publishing company.

Click here for audio and a transcript of the PM story.

Source:ABC Radio, PM, 17 June 2023