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A look into the world of adolescent domestic violence

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A report on ABC TV's 7.30 program in late May looked at the issue of domestic violence carried out by adolescents.

The report looked in some detail at the way this violence plays out, and a Victorian police officer said that there were between 4,000 and 5,000 cases a year in that state alone where a young person (generally an adolescent) has carried out some sort of assault.

The problem is hard to tackle as many parents and family members are understandably completely against ‘turning in’ their violent offspring to the police or pressing charges, and police are often placed in a situation where they have to try and find alternative accommodation for the perpetrators.

While the program revealed the dramatic and emotional side to these quite shocking episodes of violence, research needs to be carried out into why they are happening, and how they can be prevented.

Youth workers, health professionals and those working with people who have committed such offences, or the families of those who have, will find this report of interest.  

Watch the program or read the transcript here.

Source:7.30 program, ABC TV, 19 May 2023.