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NYARS reports

The National Youth Affairs Research Scheme (NYARS) is a cooperative arrangement between the Federal Government and the State, Territory governments to facilitate nationally-based research into current social, political and economic factors affecting young people.



Body image and disadvantaged/vulnerable youth
Saul Flaxman, Jen Skattebol, Megan Bedford and kylie valentine


Young carers: Their characteristics and geographical distribution
Social Policy Research Centre, Trish Hill, Ciara Smith' Cathy Thompson and Bettina Cass


Community building through intergenerational exchange programs
Judith MacCallum, David Palmer, Peter Wright, Wendy Cumming-Potvin, Jeremy Northcote, Michelle Brooker and Cameron Tero


Youth and the future: Effective youth services for the year 2015
Howard Sercombe, Paul Omaji, Neil Drew, Trudi Cooper and Terence Love

Wealth of all nations: Identification of strategies to assist refugee young people in transition to independence
Louise Coventry, Carme Guerra, David Mckenzie and Sarah Pinkney

Role models for young people: What makes an effective role model program?
Judith MacCallum and Susan Beltman


Creating better educational and employment opportunities for rural young people
Peter Kenyon, Howard Sercombe, Alan Black, Dominica Lhuede, Michael O'Meara and Simon White


Review of public information campaigns addressing youth risk-taking
Patrick Shanahan, Barry Elliot and Nicole Dahlgren

A new social contract: Changing social and legal frameworks for young Australians
Ed Carson, Paul Fitzgerald and Susanne Roche


Young people leaving care and protection
David Maunders, Max Liddell, Margaret Liddell and Sue Green


Homelessness among young people in Australia: Early intervention and prevention
Phil Crane, Jillian Brannock, Linda Ray, Jenny Campbell, Georgia Smeal and Bill Atweh

The price we pay: Young people, poverty and long-term unemployment in Australia
Mary L. Crooks, Marcia Webb, Jacinda Forster and Jim Williamson Novus Research

Young people and self-employment in Australia
Peter Kenyon and Simon White


A ticket to services or a transfer of rights? Young people and guardianship
David Tait, Terry Carney and Kirsten Deane

Young people's perceptions of and attitudes to sexual violence
Leonie Daws, Jillian Brannock, Ross Brooker, Wendy Patton, Georgia Smeal and Shane Warren


National Youth Data Index
Suzanne Murdoch, Nita Kambouris and Sue Findlay