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STREAT is about helping marginalised young people make positive change in their lives by operating a number of successful hospitality businesses and using the profits to fund a range of training and life skills programs. They work with young people aged between 16 and 25 years who are experiencing homelessness or other kinds of disadvantage. 

The programs aim to help young people thrive and stabilise their lives by improving their self management and employability skills, and by helping them develop personal and professional support networks.

The Youth Programs area has specialised staff including youth coordinators and clinical psychologists. Programs are evidenced based and outcome focused, and use ongoing evaluation to ensure the programs continue to be effective. Youth Programs staff work directly with young people and manage all aspects of STREAT's program suite, including:

  •     program development
  •     pre and post program assessment and evaluation
  •     delivery of the life skills group program
  •     program scheduling
  •     coordination of accredited content
  •     coordination of work experience placements
  •     linkages to external specialist service providers
  •     provision of individualised wrap-around case support