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About ACYS

ACYS provides information products and services for those working in the youth field and for anyone with an interest in youth. This includes practitioners in areas such as health and education, researchers, policy-makers, youth workers and youth service providers, as well as students and parents.

ACYS products and services include:

ACYS mission
To assist the Australian community in understanding the complex and wide-ranging issues impacting on young people, and to achieve this through the provision of research- and practice-based information that is:

  • interdisciplinary, acknowledging the overlapping nature of youth issues, and
  • accessible in form and content and, therefore, inclusive of all stakeholders.


The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies is a non-profit project, funded partly by the Australian Government through grants from the Department of Family and Community Services, and partly through ACYS publishing activities.

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Last modified: 7 June, 2004

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