Ethnic minority youth in Australia

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Ethnic minority youth in Australia

Challenges and myths

Edited by Carmel Guerra and Rob White


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Ethnic minority youth in Australia: Challenges and myths

Edited by Carmel Guerra and Rob White

NCYS Publishing
ISBN 1 875236 32 5, 244pp


Ethnic minority youth in Australia: Challenges and myths offers new perspectives on youth issues. From Vietnamese-Australian youth in Sydney's Cabramatta, to Muslim students in Port Hedland, this book provides stimulus for discussion, activity and further research. It covers the different social contexts within which ethnic minority young people are located, looks at general issues such as gender, ethnicity, and feminism, juvenile justice, sport, sexuality and mental health, and includes specific case studies, programs and campaigns addressing specific issues in education, welfare provision and community action.

Of interest to youth and community workers, social workers, teachers, academics, policy makers and young people in general, Ethnic minority youth in Australia draws together a range of contributions on issues relevant to ethnic minority young people, revealing much about Australian society's basic institutions, processes and structures and about the way we are dealing with questions of social justice, equity and human rights.

About the Editors  

Carmel Guerra is co-ordinator of the Ethnic Youth Issues Network of Victoria. She has been involved in youth affairs for a number of years, with a particular interest in multiculturalism and anti-racist work. 

Rob White is Professor is Chair of Sociology and Director of the Criminology Research Unit at the University of Tasmania's School of Sociology and Social Work. Professor White is an internationally respected scholar in the fields of youth studies, sociology and criminology. Among his books are: Youth & societyYouth subculturesNo space of their ownJuvenile justice; Crime & criminologyCrime & social controlCrime & societyControversies in environmental sociology;Crime prevention; and Crimes against nature. He has extensive practical experience in working with youth and community workers, police services, teachers, drug and alcohol workers, government policymakers and academic researchers.


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17 Dec 2010

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Cybersafety Help Button

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15 Dec 2010

Research reveals the hybrid identities of Sydney's multicultural youth

A report conducted by the University of Western Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney about how young people from minority backgrounds in west and south-west Sydney feel about their cultural identities.

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