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Youth work and youth issues

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Youth work and youth issues
Doing youth work in Australia

Edited by Rob White

ACYS Publishing
June 2010
ISBN 9781875236626, 496pp

Youth work & youth issues

Doing youth work in Australia

Edited by Rob White

The Doing youth work in Australia series offers a comprehensive and systematic discussion of the challenges and realities that youth workers face. In these three volumes, youth workers and other professionals provide profound insights about their profession and about young people’s lives. It sets an agenda for debates about the profession of youth work and for future research and is a must for anyone interested in understanding the field of youth studies today.

Professor Johanna Wyn, Director, Youth
Research Centre, University of Melbourne


Youth Studies Australia is still the best thing around I think, in terms of accessibility, rigour and the balance between research and practice.

Professor Howard Sercombe, Department
of Educational and Professional Studies,
University of Strathclyde, Scotland

Volume two, Youth work and youth issues, looks at:
  • youth participation, including online and offline participation, youth partnerships and the participation of marginalised young people
  • youth researching youth, including youth-focused research, research ethics and peer support
  • health and wellbeing, including adolescent grief, young deaf people, suicide prevention, primary health care
  • mental health, including access and customer service, services for homeless young people, and services for young people with complex needs
  • sex and sexuality, including sexuality education, sexual health, masculinity, HIV/AIDS, sexual coercion, same sex attracted young people
  • homelessness and accommodation, including homelessness and employment and training, services to homeless young people
  • alcohol and drugs, including education, detox centres, harm reduction, community-based approaches.

Table of contents:


Doing work with young people
Rob White

Youth participation

1. Values and visions: Youth and the failure of Western culture
Richard Eckersley

2. Marginalised young people and the power of decision-making
Chris Brown

3. Science for street kids: The Questacon Myer Project
Joanne Codling

4. Development of the teenage cancer peer support program CanTeen
Michael Carr-Gregg, Craig Olsson, John Toumbourou and Glenn Bowes

5. Relationships and power: The critical core of youth partnership accountability work
Kathleen Stacey, Emma Webb, Sarah-Lynn Hills, Nina Lagzdins, Desima Moulds, Tony Phillips and Paul Stone

6. What’s in it for …?
Benefits and dilemmas in the practice of youth partnership accountability
Kathleen Stacey, Emma Webb, Sarah-Lynn Hills, Nina Lagzdins, Desima Moulds, Tony Phillips and Paul Stone

7. Social change and youth partnership accountability work
Kathleen Stacey, Emma Webb, Kelly Barrett, Nina Lagzdins, Desima Moulds and Paul Stone

8. Parallels between on and offline youth participation
Kirsty Leong, Luella Paine and Alex Hughes

Assisting youth / researching youth

9. Youth researching youth
Christine Alder and Danny Sandor

10. Youth participation in youth-focused research
Victoria Wilkins, Kerry Bryans, Susan Hetzel, Aaron Cutler and Joanne Ellis

11. Are you old enough? Research ethics and young people
Graeme Stuart

12. You’re a peer what?!
Clarifying the roles of peer supporters, educators and researchers for youth consultants
Tony Phillips, Kathleen Stacey and Jai Milner

Health & wellbeing

13. Responding to adolescent loss and grief
Helen Tolshoshev

14. Finding a way in: Researching the experiences of young deaf people
Fiona Prosser

15. Suicide prevention training: A workshop
Sharon Wright and Graham Martin

16. Primary health care for young people: Are there models of service delivery that improve access and quality?
Melissa Kang, Diana Bernard, Tim Usherwood, Susan Quine, Garth Alperstein, Helen Kerr-Roubicek, Abigail Elliott and David Bennett

Mental health

17. Young people and mental health: Access and alliance
Sharon Wright and Graham Martin

18. Young people and mental health: Customer service
Sharon Wright and Graham Martin

19. Headroom: Promoting the mental health of young people: A multimedia approach
Christine Lock, Beajaye Wright, Tony Phillips and Caroline Brown

20. ‘beyondblue’: Targeting depression in young people
Jane Burns and Karen Field

21. Mental health services: What young people who are homeless say …
Matt Dixon and Sian Lloyd

22. Where to from here? Guiding for mental health for young people with complex needs
Andrew Bruun and Christopher Hynan

23. Young people’s experiences of mental health care: Implications for the headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Anjalee Cohen, Sharon Medlow, Norm Kelk, Ian Hickie and Bradley Whitwell

Sex & sexuality

24. So you’re worried that teaching about sexuality might be dangerous?
Grahame Collier

25. The youth worker’s role in young people’s sexual health: A practice framework
Marty Janssen and Jackie Davis

26. Sexuality education vs sex education
Peter Gourlay

27. An approach for high school students
Michael Paulsen

28. Risky business: Adolescents and HIV/AIDS
Doreen Rosenthal and Susan Moore

29. Students as bystanders to sexual coercion
Ken Rigby and Bruce Johnson

30. Y-Glam Theatre and Video Project
Jemma Mead, Vicky Guglielmo, Diane Bradford and Y-GLAM participants

Homelessness & accommodation

31. Sexual health service provision to the young and homeless
Lyn Harrison and Deborah Dempsey

32. Disadvantaged and homeless youth on the Gold Coast: A case study of a human services organisation
Merv Hyde, Juliette Goldman and Mark Sinclair

33. Providing services to homeless young people in Melbourne
Shelley Mallett, Doreen Rosenthal and Paul Myers

34. Getting homeless youth into employment and training: A Queensland pilot Project
Paul Wildman and Marie Stokes

Alcohol & drugs

35. Taking the hiccups out of alcohol education
Anita Harris and Margaret Sheehan

36. Substance abuse: Defining the issues in favour of a detox centre for youth
Christopher Lennings and Michelle Kerr

37. Workers and harm reduction. Who’s using what and why: A cross-sectional survey of metropolitan youth workers in Western Australia
Ross Lambert and Ali Marsh

38. Community-based approaches to drug abuse issues: Some lessons learned and future implications
Scott Phillips

About the editor  

Rob White is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Criminology Research Unit at the University of Tasmania's School of Sociology and Social Work. Professor White is an internationally respected scholar in the fields of youth studies, sociology and criminology, and environmental and ecological justice. Among his books are: Youth & societyYouth subculturesNo space of their ownJuvenile justice; Crime & criminologyCrime & social controlCrime & societyControversies in environmental sociology;Crime prevention; and Crimes against nature. He has extensive practical experience in working with youth and community workers, police services, teachers, drug and alcohol workers, government policymakers and academic researchers.

'Let's talk about sex' - National survey

Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS (YEAH) and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) are conducting a national survey of young people on sex and sexual health education.  Original article

03 May 2012

New webinar series for the youth sector

The Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) and the Youth Research Centre from the University of Melbourne will be co-presenting a webinar series, Open Space, looking at issues important to the youth sector. The first webinar entitiled Promoting young people’s wellbeing in communities will be held on 6 June at 2:30pm. Presenter Andrew Cummings from AYAC is joined by researcher, Richard Eckersley, Young and Well's Michelle Blanchard and other practitioners discussing the importance of community to the wellbeing of young people. Registration information

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Keep them safe interim review- workforce survey 2012

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Effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for children and adolescents

A review conducted by the Anna Freud Centre and Tavistock Clinic in London suggests this treatment can be effective for a range of childhood disorders – though some disorders are more responsive to psychotherapy than others. Original article

03 May 2012

Youth Foyer for vulnerable young people in Victoria

Funding for a trial of youth foyers in Victoria has been included as part of the recently announced state budget, with first of three foyers to be built in Broadmeadows. Original article

03 May 2012

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