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ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

6 - 11 Oct 2003 Young Peoples Art Exhibition, Melbourne
The annual Young Peoples Art Exhibition†in 2003 will be†held as part of Mental†Health Week,†6-11 October.† The Exhibition aims to help young people who face difficulties in life and are disadvantaged through mental, physical or geographic isolation.† It is a free exhibition†open to the public.† The exhibition offers a forum for young people to share their creative work and†communicate their life and cultural experiences.†Whilst some artists choose to†sell their work, the exhibition also gives the young artists a chance to develop self-esteem in a genuinely creative endeavour. The administration team at the Centre for Adolescent Health leads this project, with the help and generosity of volunteers, as well as local industry.

The YPArtE Committee invite young people to submit artwork depicting their life experiences. Each exhibited art piece will be contextualised with the artistís story behind the work.
Venue: Ella Latham rooms, Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne
Contact: Centre for Adolescent Health, 2 Gatehouse Street, Parkville 3502
Phone: 03 9345 5893, Fax: 03 9345 6502 or jump onto the website click on _Whats New_ then _Young Peoples Art Exhibition_. Here you will find copies of all our previous art in the catalogues and a short video.
E-mail: [email protected]

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