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Our journal, Youth Studies Australia, is issued quarterly in March, June, September and December.

ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

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The following publications are available from the Youth Research Centre.

Order them here!

New Publications
Research Reports: $16.50 ($11 for YRC members) each
Working Papers: $11 each
Other Publications: prices on request
Publication Packages: $33 ($22 for YRC members) each
Connect: $20 pa individuals; $30 pa organisations

Download our full catalogue here [pdf]

There is a $5 handling fee on each order, irrespective of number of publications bought.

Note: the above figures include 10% GST.

Sale Now On!!!

We are currently making room in our store room for our newer publications. This means we need to reduce stocks of some older reports, so we're offering the following publications at drastically discounted prices ($5.50 each plus once off $5 postage and handling fee per order):

  • RR7: Health Services for Young Women (1992)
  • RR8: The Challenge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (1993)
  • RR9: Preparing Students for Future Pathways (1993)
  • RR10: Health Education in Secondary Schools: A Focus on Alohol (1993)
  • RR12: Environmental Consciousness: A Study in Six Victorian Secondary Schools (1996)
  • RR14: Participant Pathways and Outcomes: 1991-1998 (1998)
  • RR17: Life Patterns, Choices, Careers: 1991-1998 (1998)
  • RR18: Negotiating Staying and Returning (1998)
  • WP8: Making the Break: Leaving School Early (1992)
  • WP9: Getting a Life: Pathways and Early School Leavers (1992)
  • WP11: The Thinking Skills Project (1995)
  • WP12: Young People in Full-time Work: Issues Affecting Apprentices (1994)
  • WP13: Youth Unemployment and Crime (1995)
  • WP14: Young People, Social Resources and the Underground Economy (1995)
  • WP15: Another Hole in the Wall: Young People, Crime and Families (1996)
  • WP17: Establishing an Integrated Services Model: An Evaluation (1998)
  • WP18: Vocational Education: Options and Directions (1998)
  • WP20: Evaluation of the Behaviour Management Program at the Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre (1999)
  • OP4: Educating Others, Educating Ourselves: Secondary Student research on youth homelessness (1991)
  • OP14: Options: Resource Guide to the Melbourne Area for Youth Workers (by youth work students) (1998)
To order print and fill out our Order Form and fax or post to us at:

Youth Research Centre
Faculty of Education
The University of Melbourne
VIC 3010

Phone: +61 (0)3 8344 9633
Fax:?+61 (0)3 8344 9632
Email: [email protected]

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