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Youth Studies Australia
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A New Zealand YSA

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The December 2010 issue of Youth Studies Australia will feature papers from the Involve 2010 Connect conference, which was held in Auckland, New Zealand, in November:

New Zealanders only, please click here for special offer on the ‘New Zealand’ issue of Youth Studies Australia.

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Youth work & youth issues

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Youth work and youth issues

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Workshop on the Future of the Sociology of Youth at TASA 2010, Macquarie University, Sydney 6-9 December

The Sociology of Youth Thematic Group within The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) was founded this year. To launch the group, six of the major figures in youth sociology within Australia were asked to share their visions for the discipline in the thematic group’s newsletter. The challenges and possibilities raised were multiple:

  • The future of humanity and climate change
  • Global inequality and political action
  • Re-imagining sociology to push against what counts as knowledge, asking who youth research serves and what its effects are.
  • Working with complexity and multiple forms of knowledge, including collaboration between researchers from the global North and South
These visions will form the basis of a workshop on the future of youth sociology at this year’s TASA conference.
Each panellist will give a short presentation on what they see as the central possibilities and challenges for the sociology of youth and raise a small number of questions for workshop participants. Andy Furlong, editor of the Journal of Youth Studies and the Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood, will be the discussant.
  • Andy Furlong
  • Johanna Wyn
  • Rob White
  • Andy Bennett
  • Pam Nilan
  • Ani Wierenga
  • Peter Kelly