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Underpaid and exploited: Pay-related employment concerns experienced by young workers, by Paula McDonald, Sandra Backstrom and Aaron Allegretto
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Communication needs of adolescent offenders
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Margaret Baines
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The Screamers
Sarah Baker
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The BEST Plus approach to assisting families recover from youth substance problems
John Bamberg, Steven Findley & John Toumbourou
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The Student Community Involvement Program
Heather Bane
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To tell or not to tell: The victimised student's dilemma
Alan Barnes
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Social change and youth partnership accountability work
Kathleen Stacey, Emma Webb, Kelly Barrett, Nina Lagzdins, Desima Moulds and Paul Stone
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Krzysztof Batorowicz
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Krzysztof Batorowicz
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Overcoming the rural disadvantage: A literature review and a framework to integrate rural education
Kerrie Bell
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Quentin Beresford
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Quentin Beresford
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Quentin Beresford and Susan Robertson
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Primary health care for young people: Are there models of service delivery that improve access and quality?
Melissa Kang, Diana Bernard, Tim Usherwood, Susan Quine,
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The politics of education: Why stand-alone youth work degrees matter, by Judith Bessant
v.26, n3, pp.44-51.

? The fixed age rule: Young people, consent and research ethics
Judith Bessant
v.25, n.4, 2006, pp.50-57.

Youth work: The Loch Ness monster and professionalism
Judith Bessant
v.23, n.4, 2004, pp.26-33.

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Judith Bessant
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Judith Bessant and Ruth Webber
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Amanda Watkinson and Judith Bessant
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Judith Bessant
v.16, n.2, 1997, p.34-40. (33 references).

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Judith Bessant
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? Naughty, immoral and depraved: Making young female offenders visible
Judith Bessant
v.13, n.2, 1994, p.45.

? Structural reforms and social implications: The impact of local government amalgamations on youth work
Judith Bessant and Michael Emslie
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Bloustien, G.
Playing for life: New approaches to researching youth and their music practices
Geraldine Bloustien and Margaret Peters
v.22, n.2, 2003, pp.32-39.

? Strike a pose: Girls, cameras and deflecting the gaze
Geraldine Bloustien
v.15, n.3, 1996, p.26.

Boag, A.
Is it fun to be young on the Gold Coast? Perceptions of leisure opportunities and constraints among young people living on the Gold Coast
Kathy Lloyd, Maureen Harrington, Ray Hibbins, Alistair Boag and Michael Cuthill
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.22-27.

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Health issues for young people (to be taken in context)
Adam Jamrozik and Cathy Boland
v.10, n.4, 1991, p.24.

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The PATS peer support program: Prevention/early intervention for adolescents who have a parent with a mental illness, by John Hargreaves, Lyndal Bond, Matt O'Brien, Danielle Forer & Liz Davies
v.27, n.1, pp.43-51. Summary | Full text | PDF

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Sites of trouble: Demystifying juvenile "high crime areas"
R Hil, J Zuchowski and R Bone
v.13, n.2, 1994, p.51.

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Socioeconomic status and youth aggression in Australia Hellene Demosthenous, Thierry Bouhours and Catherine Demosthenous
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The perspectives of youth workers in rural Victoria
Paula Geldens & Lisa Bourke
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Lisa Bourke and Paula Geldens.
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Lisa Bourke and Pam Evans
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Bourke, L
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Being true to oneself: The role of authenticity in promoting youth mental health
William Hallam, Craig Olsson, Glenn Bowes and John Toumbourou
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M. Carr-Gregg, C. Olsson, J. Toumbourou and G. Bowes
v.16, n.3, 1997, pp.22-26.

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Youth workers and stress
Vaughan Bowie
v.27, n.2, pp.36-44. Summary

Youth work: Has it reached its use-by date?
Vaughan Bowie
v.23, n.4, 2004, pp.34-38.

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Risks and rewards: Early intervention through a wilderness program
Nerida Bowling and Mary Williams
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Rural adolescents' attitudes to seeking help for mental health problems
Kristy Francis, Candice Boyd, Damon Aisbett, Karyn Newnham & Krystal Newnham
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Coming in from the country: Tertiary education participation by remote rural students
Colin R Boylan
v.10, n.4, 1991, p.52.

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Dancing through the revolution: The political and social meaning of the rave
Tara Brabazon
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.19-24.

? Star Wars and writing popular memory: We'll always have tatooine
Tara Brabazon
v.18, n.4, 1999, pp.11-16.

? Post-youth culture and the politics of memory
Tara Brabazon
v.15, n.2, 1996, p.21.

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Y-GLAM: Theatre and video project
Jemma Mead, Vicky Guglielmo, Diane Bradford and Y-GLAM participants
v.19, n.4, 2000, pp.41-44.

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Identity status and youth recklessness
Graham Bradley and Paul Matsukis
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? Increasing student retention: Issues and strategies on retention
Graham Bradley
v.11, n.2, 1992, p.37.

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Friendships and feelings: Young women with disabilities talk about their personal lives
Jenny Bramley, Christa van Kraayenoord and John Elkins
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.28.

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The Park Road Centre: An alternative school for adolescent school refusers
Dell Brand
v.12, n.4, 1993, p.26.

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Schools as public institutions: Students and Citizenship
Marie Brennan
v.15, n.1, 1996, p.24.

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Breaking a spell of silence: The Tasmanian evaluation of the 2006 Pride and Prejudice program
Doug Bridge.
v.26, n.1, 2007, pp.32-40.

Briggs, K.
yshareit: A project promoting the use of e-mental health resources among young people
Caroline Spiranovic, Kate Briggs, Kenneth Kirkby, Caroline Mobsby and Brett Daniels
v.27, n.2, pp.52-60. Summary

Broadbent, R.
Youth work training package review: More of the same or radical rationalisation? by Tim Corney and Robyn Broadbent
v.26, n3, pp.36-43.

? Not a problem': Young people's perceptions of their use and abuse of alcohol
Robyn Broadbent
v.13, n.3, 1994, p.32.

? A career in youth work?
David Maunders and Robyn Broadbent.
v.14, n.2, 1995, p.20.

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Providing youth services at the local government level: The experience of the city of Gosnells, Western Australia
Marion Brockway
v.5, n.3, 1986, p.32.

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Comfortably numb: Young people, drugs and the seductions of popular culture
Karen Brooks
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.9-16.

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Headroom -- promoting the mental health of young people: A multi-media approach
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.31-35.

? Marginalised young people and the power of decision making
Chris Brown
v.10, n.4, 1991, p.41.

? Perspectives on a journey to independent living
Charles Ringma, Stephen Jeanneret and Chris Brown
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.51.

Bruce, H.
Community Accountability Conferences: A collaborative project between police and schools
Alexander Morey and Helen Bruce
v.16, n.3, 1997, pp.17-21.

Brumby, S.
Rural youth and multimedia: An interagency approach, by Susan Brumby, Robyn Eversole, Kaye Scholfield & Leanne Watt
v.26, n.4, pp.29-36. Summary | Full text | PDF

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Boredom in suburbia
Fred Brumhead, Mark Searle, Roger Trowbridge and Bronwyn Williams
v.9, n.4, 1990, p.19.

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Where to from here: Guiding for mental health for young people with complex needs
Andrew Bruun and Christopher Hynan
v.25, n.1, 2006, pp.19-27.

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The complexities of ethnic adolescent health: An Australian perspective
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.24-33.

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Youth participation in youth-focused research
V Wilkins, K Bryans and S Hetzel with A Cutler and J Ellis
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.49.

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Social capital: A rural youth perspective, by Jenny Onyx, Craig Wood, Paul Bullen and Lynelle Osburn
v.24, n.4, 2005, pp.21-27.

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beyondblue: the national depression initiative': Targeting depression in young people
Jane Burns
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.43-51.

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Lifeskills in the classroom: Preparing students for their future
Robert B. Burns
v.10, n.1, 1991, p.44.

Burston, O.
Changing entitlements for the young unemployed
Jenny Trethewey and Olga Burston
v.8, n.2, 1989, p.45.

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