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La Castra, L.
The education of homeless youth in Australia
Juliette D.G. Goldman and Lindsey D. La Castra
v.19, n.2, 2000, pp.43-50.

Lagzdins, N.
Social change and youth partnership accountability work
Kathleen Stacey, Emma Webb, Kelly Barrett, Nina Lagzdins, Desima Moulds and Paul Stone.
v.24, n.2, 2005, pp.45-51.

? What's in it for ... ? Benefits and dilemmas in the practice of youth partnership accountability
Kathleen Stacey, Emma Webb, Sarah-Lynn Hills, Nina Lagzdins, Desima Moulds, Tony Phillips and Paul Stone
v.22, n.3, 2003, pp.36-43.

? Relationships and power
Kathleen Stacey, Emma Webb, Sarah-Lynn Hills, Nina Lagzdins, Desima Moulds, Tony Phillips and Paul Stone.
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.44-51.

Lambert, R.
Workers and harm reduction: Who's using what and why
Ross Lambert and Ali Marsh
v.18, n.3, 1999, pp.30-36.

Lansdell, G T.
Youth, AIDS and the limits of the law
Gaye T Lansdell and M J Le Brun
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p.18.

Larson, R.
Adolescents in the 21st century
Reed Larson and Jeylan Mortimer
v.19, n.1, 2000, pp.11-12.

Lauritsen, J.
Un and under employment
Jenny Lauritsen
v.14, n.2, 1995, p.32.

Le Brun, M J.
Youth, AIDS and the limits of the law
Gaye T Lansdell and M J Le Brun
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p.18.

Lee, M.
Shelter in crisis: Providing emergency accommodation services for young people with intellectual disabilities
Roderic Underwood, Robert Jackson and Michael Lee
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.48.

Leeds, M.
Truancy: From causes to program direction
Marilyn Leeds
v.6, n.1, 1987, p.20.

Lemmon, A.
The bleedin' obvious: Long-term support reconnects at-risk young people, by Alistair Lemmon
v.27, n.1, pp.9-16. Summary | Full text | PDF

? Mentoring 1: Whitelion individualised mentoring and employment program
Alistair Lemmon
v.24, n.4, 2005, pp.40-44.

Lennings, C J.
An evaluation of psychology reports in the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice Program: An analysis of their effectiveness
Christopher Lennings, John Stephenson, Michael Cotter, Ingrid Johnston & Tony Jenkins
v.20, n.2, 2001, pp.35-39.

? Skills training in a juvenile institution: A program for senior youthworkers
Christopher Lennings
v.8, n.3, 1989, p.37.

? Substance abuse: Defining the issues in favour of a detox centre for youth
Christopher Lennings and Michelle Kerr
v.15, n.4, 1996, pp.43-46.

? Work values, unemployment and the developmental context
Christopher Lennings
v.7, n.3, 1988, p.28.

? Adolescents at risk: Drug use and risk behaviour: Queensland and national data
Christopher Lennings
v.15, n.2, 1996, p.29.

Ling, P.
Education and training in youth work
Carey J Denholm and Peter Ling
v.9, n.2, 1990, p.24.

Liossis, P.
Australian adolescents' perceptions of their parents: An analysis of parenting styles, communication and feelings towards parents
Renae Endicott and Poppy Liossis
v.24, n.2, 2005, pp.24-31.

Livingstone, C.
Labour market entry points, 'additionality', and traineeships
Charles Livingstone
v.5, n.1, 1986, p.23.

Lock, C.
Headroom: Promoting the mental health of young people: A multi-media approach
Christine Lock
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.31-35.

Long, G.
Harnessing the power of perception: Reducing alcohol-related harm among rural teenagers
Clarissa Hughes, Roberta Julian, Matthew Richman, Ron Mason and Gillian Long
v.27, n.2, pp.26-35. Summary

Lloyd, K.
Is it fun to be young on the Gold Coast? Perceptions of leisure opportunities and constraints among young people living on the Gold Coast
Kathy Lloyd, Maureen Harrington, Ray Hibbins, Alistair Boag and Michael Cuthill.
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.22-27.

Lloyd, S.
Mental health services: What young people who are homeless say
Matt Dixon and Sian Lloyd
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.24-30.

Lockett, J.
Young volunteers save the cinema in...A town like Woomera
Jessica Lockett
v.10, n.3, 1991, p.54.

Lohse, H.
Suicide in isolation: Actual and attempted suicides in Broken Hill
Henry Lohse
v.11, n.1, 1992, p.33.

Long, M.
Student workers: New data on gender and education differences
Lyn Robinson and Michael Long
v.11, n.3, 1992, p.14.

Loxley, W.
Measuring demographics and drug use of Australian teenagers
Claudia Ovenden and Wendy Loxley
v.13, n.3, 1994, p.42.

Luke, G.
Discretionary decisions in juvenile justice and the criminalisation of indigenous young people
Chris Cunneen and Garth Luke
v.14, n.4, 1995, p.38.

Lye, Joanne M.
Political correctness, surface tension and passive racism: A preliminary analysis of students' lived experiences of cultural diversity at the University of Melbourne
Jennifer Grafton and Joanne M Lye
v.19, n.3, 2000, pp.44-51.

Lynch, M.
Access to amenities: the issue of ownership
Mark Lynch and Emma Ogilvie
v.18, n.4, 1999, pp.17-21.

Lynch, P.
Adolescent drinking: Psycho-social settings in general and some particular data from Tasmania
P Lynch
v.7, n.2, 1988, p.20.

Lyneham, H.
The Cool Teens CD-ROM: A multimedia self-help program for adolescents with anxiety
Mike Cunningham, Ronald Rapee and Heidi Lyneham
v.25, n.1, 2006, pp.50-56.
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