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Ralph, A.
The 'Teen Triple P' Positive Parenting Program: A preliminary evaluation
Alan Ralph, Matthew Sanders
v.25, n.2, 2006, pp.41-48.

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The role of schools and society in preserving and nurturing social capital
Eugene Clark and William Ramsay
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William Ramsay and Eugene Clark
v.9, n.4, 1990, p.43.

? Government policy and higher education: Seeing more colours in the educational rainbow than green and white
Eugene Clark and William Ramsay
v.8, n.2, 1989, p.31.

? Ethnic schools: A first state study: Part I
Frances Hearn and William Ramsay
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.34.

? Ethnic schools: A first state study: Part II
Frances Hearn and William Ramsay
v.12, n.4, 1993, p.50.

Rapee, Ron
The Cool Teens CD-ROM: A multimedia self-help program for adolescents with anxiety
Mike Cunningham, Ronald Rapee and Heidi Lyneham
v.25, n.1, 2006, pp.50-56.
Sample article online in full text.

? Working with schools to promote emotional health and prevent depression: The ACE Program (Adolescents Coping with Emotions)
Nick Kowalenko, Ann Wignall, Ron Rapee, Julie Simmons, Kathy Whitefield and Roger Stonehouse
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.23-30.

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Children, young people and families: A population health approach to mental health
Beverley Raphael
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.12-16.

? Youth health: Who cares?
Beverly Raphael
v.7/8, n.4/1, 1989, p.27.

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The Rock and Water program: Empowering youth workers and clients
Ivan Raymond
v.24, n.4, 2005, pp.34-39.

Raymond, M.
Young women workers
Melanie Raymond
v.10, n.3, 1991, p.24. (See also Judith Elton
v.10, n.3, 1991, p.25.)

Rayner, M.
The role of an advocate for young people
Moira Rayner
v.8, n.2, 1989, p.2.

Rea, J.
Girls talk: 100 girls at risk
Julie Rea
v.5, n.3, 1986, p7.

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Job retention and youth from Youth Training Centres (YTC)
Hilary Read and Christine Alder
v.7, n.1, 1988, p.2.

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Outdoor Programs for Young Offenders in Detention: an overview, by Susan Reddrop. [book] Hobart: ACYS, 1997, 228pp.
ISBN 1 875236 42 2
$ 25.

Redshaw, S.
Young drivers: Developing personal control
Sarah Redshaw
v.24 n.3, 2005, pp.37-41.

Reeders, E.
Students as workers: The effects of Big Mac
Ern Reeders
v.5, n.1, 1986, p.31.

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Stressful events: An adolescent perspective
Linda Rehfeldt
v.7/8, n.4/1,1988, p.54.

Rice, A.
Some day, when my health is good... The experiences of young Southeast Asian refugees in Australian schools
P Rice, A Rice and P Dhamarak
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.39.

Rice, P.
Some day, when my health is good... The Experiences of young Southeast Asian refugees in Australian schools
P Rice, A Rice and P Dhamarak
v.12, n.3, 1993, p.39.

Richards, C.
Connexions: A program of Jesuit Social Services, an integrated service for marginalised young people
David Murray, Rob Ellis, Jane Enter and Clare Richards
v.18, n.1, 1999, pp.16-22.

Richman, M.
Harnessing the power of perception: Reducing alcohol-related harm among rural teenagers
Clarissa Hughes, Roberta Julian, Matthew Richman, Ron Mason and Gillian Long
v.27, n.2, pp.26-35. Summary

Rickards, T.
Students at risk: Can connections make a difference? by Nahid Kabir & Tony Rickards
v.25, n.4, 2006, pp.17-24.

Rickwood, D.
Teens in cyberspace: Do they encounter friend or foe?
Michele Fleming and Debra Rickwood
v.23, n.3, 2004, pp.46-50.

Rigby, Ken
Bully/victim students and classroom climate
Shoko Yoneyama & Ken Rigby
v.25, n.3, 2006, pp.34-41.

? Students as bystanders to sexual coercion: How would they react and why?
Ken Rigby and Bruce Johnson
v.23, n.2, 2004, pp.11-16.

? To tell or not to tell: The victimised student's dilemma
Ken Rigby and Alan Barnes
v.21, n.3, 2002, pp.33-36.

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Long-term youth unemployment, training programs, and the "youth guarantee "
Sheila M Rimmer
v.7, n.2, 1988, p7.

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Perspectives on a journey to independent living
Charles Ringma, Stephen Jeanneret and Chris Brown
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.51.

Rissel, C.
The Marrickville Mural: Raising awareness of Hepatitis C prevention
Suzanne Gleeson, Leigh Cantero, Tanya Jochelson and Chris Rissel
v.23, n.4, 2004, pp.54-58.

Robertson, S.
Viewed with uncertainty Coordination of youth affairs in Western Australia
Quentin Beresford and Susan Robertson
v.14, n.2, 1995, p.13.

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Shopping centre developments and youth consultations
Nicole Robins
v.15, n.1, 1996, p.37.

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Student workers: New data on gender and education differences
Lyn Robinson and Michael Long
v.11, n.3, 1992, p.14.

Robinson, N.
Rights of Passage: Insights and experiences from a youth project in a large shopping mall
Neile Robinson
v.18, n.4, 1999, pp.22-23.

Robinson, P.
Children of Parents with a Mental Illness -- a national initiative
Philip Robinson
v.21, n.2, 2002, pp.17-22.

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Technological change and youth employment prospects: The Western Australian case
Garry Rodan
1986 v.5 n.2 p18.

Rogers, R.
HIV and harm reduction for homeless youth
Rosemary Rogers
v.11, n.4, 1992, p.50.

Rogers, S.
Living with Tourettes: It's just a part of me
Shannon Rogers
v.12, n.1, 1993, p.14.

Rosenfeld, A.
Harvard, soccer and over-scheduled families
Alvin Rosenfeld
v.23, n.1, 2004, pp.15-18.

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Adolescents and HIV/AIDS: Risky business
Doreen A Rosenthal and Susan M Moore
v.10, n.1, 1991, p.20.

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Youth and tourism industry employment: A survey of Far North Queensland secondary students
Glenn F Ross
v.11, n.3, 1992, p.43.

Ross, J.
Barriers to physical activity in young New Zealanders
Mike Hamlin and Jenny Ross
v.24, n.1, 2005, pp.31-37.

Rowe, J.
Friends, authority and health: An insight into young people's smoking habits and efforts to quit
Jennifer Rowe
v.21, n.1, 2002, pp.34-39.

Rowe, J.
The Rosemount Day Program
Jenny Rowe
v.8, n.3, 1989, p.44.

Rowling, L.
Drug use by adolescent athletes
Alison McGufficke, Louise Rowling and Michael Bailey
v.9, n.3, 1990, p.47.

Ruth, E.
Aboriginal children and their families: history and trends in Western Australia
Eversley Ruth
v.9, n.2, 1990, p.34.

Ryall, T.
Adulthood: Is it just a question of age?
Terry Ryall
v.15, n.1, 1996, p.32.

Ryan, J.
Intox Out of Tune: An innovative school-based drug intervention
Jillian Ryan, Rae Conway and Greg Fairbrother
v.18, n.1, 1999, pp.23-28.

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