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Young people and mental health: Access and Alliance
by Sharon Wright and Graham Martin

Youth Studies Australia v.17 n.4 1998, pp.11-16

In the case of depression and suicide, demotivation and young people's feelings of anger, irritability, hopelessness and helplessness can hinder the efforts of mental health professionals to provide help. Out of the Blues, is a mood disorders unit for 15- to 24-year-olds which encourages clinicians to provide optimum access to therapeutic services and ongoing therapeutic alliance in their relationship with clients. The application of these practices is described in a case study which demonstrates how theory translates into daily one-to-one practice.

The voice of Australian children: A retrospective of Kids Help Line suicide data 1991-1997
by Julie Clark and Wendy Reid

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.4 1998, pp.17-22

The Kids Help Line has been providing a national telephone counselling service for Australian children since 1993. It is therefore able to provide valuable demographic, geographic and temporal data on suicide-related calls to the service. Kids Help Line believes that the data highlights: the importance of families to children and young people; the need to individualise young people; the importance of promoting help-seeking behaviours; the need to enhance coping skills; and the need to more adequately resource the community's capacity to respond to child protection issues.

Young gay men and suicide: A report of a study exploring the reasons which young men give for suicide ideation
by Ron Macdonald and Trudi Cooper

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.4 1998, pp.23-27

This Perth study indicates that the prevalence of homophobic attitudes and the lack of support for young gay men may be important factors in the very high suicide rate among young males in Australia. The reasons some young gay men gave for their suicide attempts are outlined and other relevant literature is reviewed. The article concludes by providing youth workers with suggestions for effective suicide prevention strategies.

Better dead than gay? Depression, suicide ideation and attempt among a sample of gay and straight-identified males aged 18 to 24
by Jonathan Nicholas and John Howard

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.4 1998, pp.28-33

Previous research of gay youth has estimated the rate of gay attempted suicide at between 20% and 42%. This study finds that gay young men are 3.7 times more likely to attempt suicide than straight young men. Factors correlated with suicide attempts within the gay subsample included sexual assault, experiences of violence, low levels of paternal support and precocious sexual identity development.

How effective are youth workers in activating young people's voices, or What, and how, do youth workers help young people learn?
by Rick Flowers

Youth Studies Australia, v.17 n.4 1998, pp.34-40

Rick Flowers discusses how youth workers conceive of their role when 'activating young people's voices' and presents a series of hypotheses which suggests that when youth workers theorise about aspects of their practice, their discourse reveals a strong optimism about outcomes, but this is belied by rhetoric which, according to Flowers, is often ambiguous and vague.