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'Young people with poor labour force attachment: A survey of concepts, data and previous research, is a report commissioned by the Australian Fair Pay Commission written by Jocelyn Pech, Anne McNevin and Lucy Nelm.

The Australian Fair Pay Commission Secretariat conducts an ongoing research program that provides independent research and analysis to inform wage-setting decisions and monitor their impacts.

Their report, 'Young people with poor labour force attachment', can be downloaded from the commission's website.

From the introduction:
"Longitudinal studies appear to show that young people's experience in their first year out of school has a significant impact upon their later labour market prospects. Those securing full-time employment in that first year are more likely to be in full-time employment in later years, while those with early experience of unemployment or labour market withdrawal are more likely than others to have subsequent or continued periods without paid work.

"A number of factors, such as early school leaving, young motherhood, disability, being Indigenous and having a language background other than English, have been found to be associated with poorer labour market outcomes in the first five to seven post-school years. However, in relation to young mothers, the evidence as to the direction of causality is not clear-cut.

"Finally, it is probable that young people will be one of the groups most adversely affected in the labour market as a result of the current economic downturn. In the past year there is evidence of a significant decline in employment, accompanied by an increase in unemployment. Part-time employment has also increased, especially among young men."